These are the differences between the Android WhatsApp and the iPhone

En que se diferencia el WhatsApp de iPhone y el de Android

Android and iOS are without a doubt the most used operating systems in the world of smartphones. Therefore, all apps are optimized to work perfectly on these systems. WhatsApp is a clear example of this, not for nothing is it the most widely used messaging platform on both Android and iOS .

But, in case you don’t know yet, the version of WhatsApp for Android is different from the one used by mobile phones on the block. And we are not just talking about their obvious aesthetic differences. Those who have an iPhone have WhatsApp functions different from those of Android users. Do you want to know what they are? We will tell you about them right away.

The 10 differences between WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

The guys at WABetaInfo , experts in information related to this messaging app, have thoroughly investigated the differences between the version of WhatsApp for iPhone and that of Android. Specifically, they have detailed the exclusive functions that said application offers for each operating system . We will summarize them below.

The 8 things you can only do on WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp tiene problemas en iOS

Apple smartphone users may be a bit sad because this year it was announced that WhatsApp stops working on iPhone 4s. But, on the other hand, they have to be happy because for them the messaging platform offers up to 8 exclusive functions. This is because WhatsApp developers first test a new feature in the iOS version before releasing it on Android. Well, these are the 8 things you can do on the iPhone WhatsApp:

  • View the chat without sending the read receipt .
  • Keep images, videos and GIFs in your gallery regardless of whether the other person used the “delete for all” function.
  • Blur your photos using the integrated image editor.
  • Trim videos.
  • Manually save media files.
  • View a count of your unread conversations while in another chat.
  • Listen to the voice memos from the notification bar, without sending the reading confirmation.
  • Download images from a link .

The 2 exclusive functions of WhatsApp for Android

Como descargar WhatsApp Beta Android

Now, for the Google operating system there are also functions of this app that are exclusive . In addition, with the arrival of Android 12 that allows you to transfer your WhatsApp from iPhone to any mobile, it is expected that the number of exclusive functions will increase. For now, these are the 2 things you can do on the Android WhatsApp and not on the iPhone:

  • Select all chats in edit mode .
  • Send uncompressed photos by attaching them as a document.

And what do you think … Should WhatsApp offer the same functions for iOS and Android?