These are the changes Facebook has made to your timeline in 2021

During the year 2021 many changes have come to the Facebook timeline and the feed has changed a lot and we must say that for the better. These most important changes have been those that have focused on fighting against “fake news” (false news) and trying to reduce negative experiences while the user browses their app feed.

The Facebook news feed is for each different user , but there is always news that stands out among others or some publications that stand out from others and that is where the magic of Facebook comes into play, and the struggle to make these publications the most possible truths and avoid false content.

Changes to the timeline made by Facebook in 2021

Below, we can see a list of the changes that Facebook has made to its news feed and the new functions that have been implemented little by little to fight for the honesty of the publications and avoid explicit or sensitive content:


A new way to reduce political content on Facebook posts has been implemented. With this, Facebook wanted political campaigns or political-related ads to be less exposed in user feeds.


New functions were added to control the content of our publications , that is, a function was added to choose who can see my comments, favorites section and a bar was added to filter the content of the feed.


The tests for direct comments were started , a kind of answers to questions or answer options in which we can select an answer from the options provided.


New ways have been added to find out where and how you can see reaction counts for user posts.


First content report released to share what content most people see in the US news feed.


Facebook has always wanted to improve the content that appears in the publications of its users , so it added some content distribution guidelines in which you can see the best rules for creating content and see what content works best.


Second content report released and new ways to make news feed controls easier for users and advertisers to find and use.

Facebook does not rest in terms of controlling the publications of all users and advertisers who place their trust in the app, for this reason the effectiveness of the ranking signals of the app’s timeline is always evaluated, and with it a whole year of updates and changes that have led to a much more complete and secure feed for all users.