These are the best Spotify playlists for New Years 2022, keep the party going!

Las 5 mejores playlists de Spotify para Ano Nuevo 2022

Are you ready to find out which are the best Spotify lists to listen to in the New Year? If your answer is “yes”, we recommend that you continue reading.

Here we have taken the trouble to find those playlists that cannot be missed during the New Year’s celebration . The only thing you need to be able to reproduce them is to have an account created within the platform, it does not matter if it is free!

Top 5 Spotify Playlists for New Years 2022

Listas Spotify para Ano Nuevo 2022

Before we show you the respective playlists, we recommend using Spotify’s Fusion lists. This new feature will allow you to merge different playlists so that the party never ends.

The Mega Hits of 2021

If you want to relive everything that has happened this year in terms of music, this is the list you should listen to this New Year.

In it you will find the artists who sounded the most on radios and social networks . In addition, it has been made by choosing singers from different parts of the world (Latin, European, etc.).

The best of Reggaetón of 2021

Do you only like Reggaeton? If your answer is yes, this is the Spotify list that you should play this New Year, because within it you will find hundreds of singers related to this popular musical genre .

Of course, most of these artists are Latino , although there are some other Spaniards who have triumphed in 2021 within this popular genre.

TikTok 2021: songs that went viral on TikTok

Ideal for performing those dances that became popular all over the world , this list will surprise all your friends and family when it comes to playing music on New Years.

With more than 100 songs, TikTok 2021 is a Spotify playlist where you will find the songs that went viral this year. Of course, most of the songs on this list are in English (there are 10 or 20 songs that are in Spanish).

Top Hits Rock: classics to listen to in New Years

Modern music doesn’t suit you? Don’t worry, Spotify has music for everyone. This playlist is focused on those who enjoy a good rock classic from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

With a huge number of hits, more than 100 songs, Top Hits Rock is an ideal list to play in the New Year, especially if there are people who are passionate about Rock in English.

Top 100 Hits of Spain 2021/2022

Pablo Alborán, Mar Segui, Dani Fernández and many others, this list is made up of those artists who managed to sound uninterrupted on all radios in Spain during 2021.

If you want to enjoy the hits that are hitting it right now, and which will obviously continue to do so for much of 2022, this is the playlist you should listen to in the New Year.

With nothing else to add, in case you can’t connect your Spotify account to play these playlists , we recommend migrating these Spotify playlists to another account (to the one of the person who is playing music on New Year’s Eve).