These are the best ASMR apps to sleep well

Apps ASMR dormir

On Android there are multiple ASMR apps that will allow you to relax. However, if what you want is to sleep well, you must use one of the 5 apps that we will show you today . Also, if you use one of the apps that you will discover here and configure your Android mobile to sleep better, the quality of your sleep will be even better.

ASMR Slicing, an app to feel pleasure before bed

ASMR Slicing app dormir

ASMR Slicing ASMR is one of the most popular apps for slicing objects . After all, if object-slicing videos are so relaxing, why wouldn’t an app for the same purpose be?

Keep in mind that hearing and seeing when an object with a certain texture is cut causes quite a bit of pleasure . So this app will help you to relax before sleeping. This application is quite interesting, as well as being one of the simplest on this list.

Corte ASMR

Price: Free

Mindwell, a fairly complete ASMR app

Mindwell app ASMR dormir

This app has multiple exercises that will allow you to sleep well and ASMR is one of them. Mindwell has multiple exercises and will recommend some based on your goals. In addition, Mindwell has exercises that will help you fight depression, stress and your mood.

Sleep Orbit, an ASMR app focused on improving the quality of your sleep

Sleep Orbit app ASMR dormir

Sleep Orbit is an ASMR app that is focused on making you sleep well and that is why it is one of the ones that will help you the most to achieve it. This app has multiple relaxing sounds that you can mix whenever you want . Please note that Sleep Orbit has more than 17 categories of ASMR sounds. In addition, this app has a timer for your mobile to turn off and you can use it without an Internet connection.

Slimy, an ASMR app with multiple functions

Slimy app ASMR dormir

This is one of the apps on this list that has more ASMR features. In fact, with Slimy you can play with slime, pop bubbles, listen to relaxing music, and enjoy other ASMR features. Slimy allows you to relax and calm anxiety, in this way you can also sleep well.

Tingles ASMR, an app without ads that will help you sleep well

Tingles app ASMR dormir

Tingles is one of the best ASMR apps for Android. This app has quite relaxing sounds, which allows you to sleep well . Please note that this app has content from multiple ASMR artists and that content is constantly being updated. Also, this app has no ads and works on the locked screen.

Without a doubt, these are the best ASMR apps for sleeping . In any case, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep, it is also important that you use an app to know if you snore or talk only when you sleep.