These are the best 5 ways to make money with your Facebook

Formas ganar dinero Facebok

There is no doubt that Facebook is still one of the most popular social networks. In fact, if you use Facebook frequently, you may wonder how you can make money with this social network and if so, you have reached the right place.

Keep in mind that not only can you make money on TikTok or YouTube, there are also ways to monetize Facebook . Even Instagram will allow you to monetize the Reels with purchases, and also IGTV.

Create content and earn money with Facebook Creator Studio

Crear contenido ganar dinero Facebook Creator Studio

Creating content on a Facebook page is the main way to make money with the platform. In fact, if you have a well-established community on your Facebook page, the social network can pay you back . Note that Facebook does not pay you to create content on your personal account. Also, you have to meet some requirements in order for Facebook to pay you for the content you make.

For example, in order for Facebook to pay you for your content you have to be in one of the accepted countries and luckily Spain is one of them. You must also have a consolidated presence on Facebook and create original content on the platform’s pages so that the social network pays you. In addition, as expected, for Facebook to pay you you have to comply with community regulations , with the regulations of different governments and with the payment conditions.

To find out if Facebook can pay you for the content you generate, you must do the following:

  1. Go to Facebook Creator Studio .
  2. Select “Monetization” from the drop-down menu on the left.
  3. Select the page you want to monetize.

Once this is done, the site will tell you whether or not you can monetize your Facebook page. Take into account that if you meet the requirements, you can monetize your page . Now, if you still can’t monetize your Facebook page, a yellow message will appear indicating that you can’t do it for now. However, if you improve your page you can apply for Facebook to pay you for your content.

If you are interested, here you can learn more about Creator Studio, an app to manage your Facebook page and monetize it.

Sell products or services on Facebook to earn money

Vender productos servicios Facebook ganar dinero

If you offer a product or service on Facebook, you can sell it and earn money for it. Take into account that you can offer your products or services on Facebook pages, in groups or even on your personal profile . In this sense, you would turn your Facebook account into an online store and you can earn money with it.

If you don’t have a product or service to offer, there is always the possibility of selling third-party ones. Likewise, you must be careful not to offer something that causes you problems because you are not its creator or that violates the rules of Facebook . Ideally, you should sell something that is yours or created by you.

Generate sponsored content to earn money on Facebook

Crear contenido patrocinado ganar dinero Facebook

If you are an influencer, you can generate sponsored content to earn money on Facebook. Although this is not a method for Facebook to pay you, it is a way to take advantage of the community that you have on the platform to offer some type of sponsored content .

In order to generate sponsored content, a company must contact you . And for a company to contact you, you have to generate attractive and valuable content. Keep in mind that generally, companies look for influencers who are related to the type of product or service they offer.

If you are an influencer, you should know that Spain already has a union of influencers and that you can receive part of the billion that Facebook will give away. In any case, you should not forget that the content you create on Facebook must comply with its standards . Also, if you are a content creator you can use Stars Store, the new Facebook function that seeks to help influencers.

Create subscription groups to earn money with Facebook

Crear grupos suscripciĆ³n ganar dinero Facebook

Subscriptions can be another attractive method of making money with Facebook, especially if you are an influencer. If you want to offer subscription content, what you should do is create a group on Facebook with the people who pay for said subscription.

Of course, you must consider well what type of content you will offer to people who pay for the subscription. In addition, you must have loyal some of your followers so that they pay to be in your exclusive content group. Likewise, it is important that the subscription price is consistent with the value that your community gives to your content .

Take into account that if the content you offer in the subscription group is not interesting or if the price of it is high, you will only earn money for a short period of time. In fact, if your content is not attractive, no one will want to pay for your “premium” content .

On the other hand, if you are an influencer you have to know that an analyst indicates that we will all be influencers at some point. So if you already have an established community on Facebook why not start making money from it?

Create ads on Facebook Ads to earn money

Crear anuncios Facebook Ads ganar dinero

While the ads you create on Facebook Ads will not allow you to earn money directly , they will allow you to sell something you offer or grow your community. In fact, Facebook ads will allow your posts to have more reach and in this way you can reach more people.

Remember that for both Facebook to pay you for your content, and for people to buy what you offer or pay you for exclusive content, the ideal is that you have an established community. In this sense, the ads on Facebook Ads are going to be quite useful for you . So, making ads on Facebook Ads will allow you to earn money in the future.

Keep in mind that if you are going to make ads on Facebook you can indicate what your audience is like to have more opportunities for them to like your content . However, Facebook recently made some changes to their campaigns and now you won’t be able to target ads by race, religion, or politics.

These are the best 5 ways to make money with Facebook , now that you know them, which one are you going to start using?