These are the 20 most recommended Free Games of the moment on Google Play

The Google Play recommendations section has been updated for the last month of the year. Finding quality games on Google Play is not always easy, but if you follow this list you will get it. We tell you which are the 20 most recommended Free Games of the entire Android landscape. They are quality games, for all devices and with millions of players around the world. If you want new games for your mobile, these are a great option.

The most recommended Android games of the moment

If you have decided to try new games, you are in the right place. In the following list you will find 20 free games for Android mobiles that Google Play recommends downloading. There are all kinds of them, they have millions of downloads and you can have a good time trying all of them. And best of all, all 20 games are free and you won’t have to pay anything for them.

  1. Boom Karts Multiplayer – Google Play
  2. Bike Race : Motorcycle Racing – Google Play
  3. Lucid Dream Adventure – Google Play
  4. Raft Survival: Survival – Google Play
  5. 1945 Air Force – Google Play
  6. Cellular to Singularity – Google Play
  7. Sky: Children of the Light – Google Play
  8. Energy: Anti-Stress Loops – Google Play
  9. Sonic Dash – Running Game – Google Play
  10. Tennis Clash: PvP Game – Google Play
  11. Trivia Crack 2 – Google Play
  12. Call of Duty®: Mobile – Google Play
  13. Trivia Crack Adventure – Google Play
  14. Hungry Shark World – Google Play
  15. Chess · Play and Learn – Google Play
  16. Escape Room – Lost Temple – Google Play
  17. Penguin Island – Google Play
  18. Cats and Soup – Google Play
  19. The Lord of the Rings: War – Google Play
  20. Duskwood – Google Play

There are offline games, multiplayer games, to play with friends and compatible with almost all mobile phones on the market. No matter what games you like, in this list you will find several that are sure to stay on your device for a long time. Do you want more games ? Visit our Android Games section!