These Android Games are crashing on Google Play and they only have a few days

Are you looking for new Android games for your smartphone? Today we make it easy for you: we have taken a tour of Google Play to select 7 new games that are succeeding in the store and that are new. We have chosen 7 of the 45 most downloaded games of the moment. Why 7? They are the deliveries listed as ” new ” that you probably don’t know about!

If you have space on your device, we recommend you take a good look at the list and download all the ones that seem interesting to you. The best? They are all completely free .

These are the 7 most downloaded new Android games

All the games listed below are available on Google Play, are new, and are among the top 45 most downloaded games at the moment. This ensures that you will be able to download them easily, that you have not played them before and that they have enough quality to be in the TOP.

In addition, they are all free , so downloading and trying them will be effortless. You will only need some space available in the storage of your smartphone. This is the full list:

  1. Pocket Monsters Rush – Google Play
  2. Disney Mirrorverse – Google Play
  3. Fun Feud Trivia: Play Offline! –Google Play
  4. Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas – Google Play
  5. Rope And Balls – Google Play
  6. Like a Pizza – Google Play
  7. Gun & Dungeons – Google Play

Our recommendation is that you take a look at all the games and download the ones that seem most interesting to you. Beyond being free Android games , they are in the TOP of current downloads, so, yes or yes, they are worth it.