These 3 Xiaomi Redmi mobiles run out of updates and support

Three Xiaomi Redmi mobiles will soon become obsolete , this means that they will no longer receive any type of update and support, so it is time for their owners to consider buying a more recent smartphone model.

The phones affected by this fact are the Redmi Note 7 lavender, Note 7 Pro violet and the Redmi Go tiare , devices that already have a couple of years behind them and that the manufacturer will not update any more soon, so they will stay with the version of Android already have.

They will not receive security updates, nor will they be supported, not even any new version of MIUI, they will remain as they are and will be exposed to vulnerabilities that will not be corrected in the future, with the security problems that this causes.

Therefore, if you still have any of those phones, it is convenient to update them as soon as you can if you have decided that it is not yet time to change, although it would be advisable to look at another Xiaomi mobile in case your next mobile is going to be the same. Mark.

It is a common practice and will continue with another mobile list. Let’s remember the fact that we met recently, we saw a list of Xiaomi smartphones that would stop receiving development versions.

Another thing you can do is flash the Android system to install a custom ROM, but that requires advanced knowledge that not everyone has, so the best option in this case is to change your phone.

You don’t have to buy a Xiaomi, you can also buy a Motorola, Samsung or any other brand mobile you want, there are different technical specifications and prices, so you will have a choice so that one becomes your main phone for a while.

It is still bad news for all those who have a Redmi Note 7, Note 7 Pro or the Redmi Go that no longer have updates, but keep in mind that they are old mobiles and at some point they had to stop receiving the Xiaomi endorsement.

Via: Xiaomiui