The year of cryptocurrencies: Samsung supports third-party wallets on mobile and NFT on its TVs

The cryptocurrency fever looks set to continue into this year. We have just learned that Samsung will support third-party wallets on its Galaxy range phones, and also its 2022 televisions will support NFTs , both the purchase and the display of content.

Wallets or purses are systems for storing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin. Many users use online wallets from exchange platforms (exchanges) such as Coinbase, but others prefer to save their coins locally.

That’s where the Samsung Blockchain Wallet comes in , a manufacturer’s mobile wallet compatible with most cryptocurrencies. Well, an update makes it interoperable with physical wallets in USB format.

The first two that are supported are the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X, a type of accessory called a “cold wallet”. Being disconnected from the Internet, they are immune to any remote hacking, and only by connecting them to a device do they allow access to the keys that demonstrate ownership of certain cryptocurrencies in a blockchain network.

Imagen - Samsung: wallets de criptomonedas en móvil y NFTs en TV

Perhaps the most surprising news is that the 2022 Samsung TVs will support NFTs , both a buying platform and the option to view them. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are multimedia elements, in some cases works of art, which, thanks to a blockchain network, obtain a “certificate of authenticity” that makes them unique.

In addition, a “Smart Calibration” function will allow you to calibrate the television to see each NFT in an ideal way , thanks to the data included by its creator.

The system works as an aggregator of NFTs with several integrated stores , for those who collect these digital objects, which can be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Imagen - Samsung: wallets de criptomonedas en móvil y NFTs en TV

Although there are many doubts regarding cryptocurrencies and NFTs, due to their high volatility and the high energy consumption of maintaining networks, their market valuation has not stopped growing, and more and more investors trust these technologies.

It is clear that Samsung is betting on cryptocurrencies for 2022 , that its wallet is compatible with third parties is not so surprising, but that the televisions support NFT is unexpected.