The Xiaomi Note 11 may be the first with a 200 megapixel camera

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 are not the only interesting mid-range that the company has prepared for 2022. A recent leak leaves us with the first details of the possible Xiaomi Note 11 . This will be the replacement for the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, only that as of this year the ‘Mi’ is removed from the name. Today we know that this Note 11 could arrive with one of the most anticipated sensors of 2022, a newly introduced 200 megapixel camera.

The first mobile phone with a 200 MP camera would be from Xiaomi

In 2020 Xiaomi was the first company to have a mobile device with a 108 MP camera . The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was the device chosen for this task, so the rumors now point to the same model to release the 200 MP .

The Xiaomi Note 11 could hit the market with a 200 MP sensor and it would be the first to do so. This sensor has been recently introduced by OmniVision and promises some very interesting features and very advanced technologies.

At the moment there is nothing official, simply the rumor that is based on Xiaomi’s move with the 108 MP and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. When the Note 11 will be presented is something that is not known yet. Of course, do not confuse it with the Redmi Note 11 , as they will be different devices.

What can a 200 megapixel camera do?

You should not think that this camera will become the best on the market when it is introduced. It will have unique options and interesting technologies, but it will not be the best. What it will have is the ability to shoot at a resolution of 16,384 x 12,288 pixels .

Of course, the sensor will group the shot into a 16-in-1 fusion to be able to offer a 12 MP preview. It will have phase detection for autofocus, will be able to record in 8K at 30fps, and will feature a special 4×4 grouping when shooting in low-light environments.

An extremely bright sensor with very interesting capabilities is expected when the light conditions are not ideal. This will make shooting in automatic mode and in almost any lighting condition easier and give better results.

The 200 megapixel cameras will be one of the main incentives for some companies for this year 2022. At the moment we have to wait, as there are no official dates for any device confirmed with said camera.