The Red Magic 7 breaks all records with 18 GB of RAM and 165W of fast charging

A few minutes ago we told you about the Black Shark 5 Pro and its spectacular filtered list of features. It seems that today is the day of gaming mobiles, as the Nubia Red Magic 7 has also made an appearance in a leak. If the Xiaomi thing seemed crazy to you, it is possible that the new Red Magic will leave you with your mouth open. Up the ante on several important aspects like the screen or fast charging .

18 GB of RAM, 165 Hz screen and 165W fast charge

The brand thing begins to be a real madness when they want to show off their numbers. The leaks let us know that the Red Magic 7 will arrive with 18 GB of RAM , a screen with 165 Hz refresh rate in the image and a fast load of 165W. These three key points outnumber the already incredible numbers from the leaked Black Shark 5 Pro .

Along with these key aspects we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that offers leading figures in Geekbench. The leak reveals a score of 1,219 points and 3,732 points for single and multi-core.

It also confirms that it will arrive with Android 12 and that it could be ready for presentation. It will undoubtedly be one of the most spectacular mobiles on the market in 2022. Its price will also be spectacular, as it could easily exceed 1,000 euros / dollars in the West.

In return you will have one of the most advanced hardware that can be included in a current smartphone. Details such as the RAM memory begin to lose meaning when they exceed 12 GB, but others such as fast charging or the screen refresh rate are key aspects that will place it as one of the best.

When this Red Magic 7 will be presented is a complete unknown, although now that it has been leaked we know that it could be closer. We will be waiting for more leaks and details of this device that could become one of the best mobiles of 2022 .