The new WhatsApp update will block the automatic download of photos and videos

WhatsApp has just released an update to make a change in a section that takes only a few weeks. This is a change related to disappearing messages. This type of content is going to block one of the functions that have been in WhatsApp for years: the automatic download of photos and videos. Don’t worry, it’s not something that affects you too much, because it’s a natural movement that the app should do at some point. The change will arrive on your smartphone in a few hours!

WhatsApp removes automatic media download on certain messages

WhatsApp implemented chats that disappear or are automatically deleted a few months ago. They are conversations that the user can configure so that they are deleted over the days or hours. Until now, all the content of these chats was automatically downloaded to the gallery.

From now on this will change. WhatsApp will block automatic downloads in the gallery for this type of chat. That is, if the user has configured an automatic deletion for that chat, all the multimedia content that he sends will not be downloaded in the gallery.

It is a measure to promote the security and privacy of this function, because if a user wants the conversation to be deleted from time to time, it is very likely that they do not want to have their content saved in the other individual’s gallery. At least not automatically.

If you want, you can download it

Only the automatic download is limited , but not the manual one. If the user sees a photo in an auto-deleted chat and wants to download it, they will be able to do so. Manually it will be allowed, but not automatically.

It’s a change that comes some time after the main feature and should have been implemented from the start. Even so, if you use this type of disappearing chats or disappearing messages, you should know that automatic downloads of photos and videos will no longer have a place.

The function is currently being tested in WhatsApp Beta, but it is a matter of hours before it reaches all users on the planet. What do you think of this change?