The most commented on Facebook and Instagram in 2021

Meta has launched its report on trends on Facebook and Instagram , which offers data from the most commented on these social networks, a study that covers a wide period of months and where the data is compared with that of previous years.

On this occasion, the data from the 2021 report analyzes the information collected in the period of April 2019 and September 2020 to see what the behavior of users on Instagram and Facebook has been in said period with respect to the same period of years ago.

Data have been collected from different countries , although Spain is not included, but several countries in Latin America, the United States and some more from the European Union that gives us an idea of what topics and comments have been the most interesting in both social networks.

Racial Inequality, Government and Advocacy in the United States

One of the most talked about topics on Instagram and Facebook in the United States has been racial inequality . The Black Lives Matter movement has been widely supported by millions of citizens through protests in dozens of states and cities.

This topic has been of special relevance in social networks during the third quarter of 2020, when it had a significant boom. Mostly, the comments have been made by women between 33 and 54 years old, although the public over 55 years old was not far behind.

Discussion issues around local governments have also had a significant impact on Facebook and Instagram during the 2020 period analyzed, with a growth of 3.6 times more compared to 2019, where mostly women over 55 years of age have had more conversation.

Not forgetting either the defense of social causes , in this case, to support the black community and in making donations for social justice, having reached the figure of 50 million dollars between Instagram and Facebook, mostly talked about by people between 35 and 54 years old.

Financial issues in Mexico

In Mexico , the topics that have generated the most conversation on Instagram and Facebook have been those related to finances, more specifically credit has had quite a few comments, in addition to financial education and the environment also to credit cards.

It probably has something to do with the law passed in 2018 that regulated financial technology, from there companies in the sector began to grow and millions of residents were able to adapt to this technology for the first time with all that this entails.

Regarding credit, the conversations generated on this topic in 2020 were quite high among the public between 18 and 34 years old, even more than in 2019, which already had significant growth, however, they have not been the only relevant topic.

Also noteworthy are the conversations on Instagram and Facebook about financial education , now that neobanks in Mexico have had a high boom, a particularly notable issue in the public with ages ranging from 18 years to 34 years. An example of Neobanco in Spain would be, for example, Orange Bank.

The credit card has also been a recurring topic of conversation in 2020, an increasingly important payment method in Mexico, a country where cash has always been the traditional method of making payments, but which is beginning to have less and less use. .

Attention in the study, podcasting and digital book in Brazil

In another Latin American country such as Brazil, technology accounts for most of the comments raised on the social networks of Instagram and Facebook, this is how issues related to this sector have had significant growth during the period analyzed for the study.

The benefits of distance learning are evident, and we saw that during the hardest time of the pandemic, where face-to-face keys were suspended to preserve the health of the little ones, so distance education had a boost.

However, not everything was going to be advantages and one of the topics that generated the most conversation was about the search for options for students to pay good attention in this type of distance learning, topics that generated more debate among people aged 35 to 54 years.

Technological tools for distance learning such as e-books and podcasting on educational topics have also sparked a great deal of conversation on social media, especially among young people between the ages of 18 and 34.

New forms of transport in Germany

If we go to closer countries, we find that in Germany citizens are looking for information and commenting on new forms of individual transport , which allow physical distancing, an effective measure that emerged in the pandemic.

Normal and electric bicycles have had a special role in 2020 in terms of comments on social networks, the former being the ones that arouse the most interest in an audience between 18 and 34 years old, while the electric ones monopolize more conversations in people aged 35 to 45 years.

Mobile homes or motorhomes has also been a relevant topic in the data analyzed by Meta made on Facebook and Instagram, perfect for making trips within the country, although car rental for walks has also generated interest.

The truth is that the topics are very varied depending on the country analyzed, but there is no doubt that this study by Meta with the most talked about topics of conversation on Facebook and Instagram during April 2019 and September 2020 makes something clear, citizens they use social networks a lot to comment and generate debate about any topic.