The icons of the games you have on your Samsung mobile don't appear? How to can solve it

No aparecen los iconos de los juegos en Samsung Solucion

If every time you want to play one of the games that you have installed on your Samsung mobile, you must use the application search engine to find it , do not despair!

There is a small solution that you can carry out so that those “shortcuts” to your games are shown again on the application screen of your phone.

Why did your games disappear from the screen of your Samsung mobile?

Evitar que los juegos aparezcan en Game Launcher Samsung

The reality is that they have not disappeared , nor were they eliminated, that is, what your Samsung terminal has done was put them all together in an app called Game Launcher.

In short, you will not be able to see the icons of the games that you have installed on your phone , as they have been automatically moved to the game center that most Samsung phones have.

How to make the icons of the games you have installed on your Samsung mobile appear?

To solve this “problem”, you do not need to download any app, or to reset the mobile phone from the factory. You just have to follow all the steps that we show you below :

Ajustes Game Launcher Samsung

  • Enter the “Game Launcher” application.
  • Once inside the respective app, you must click on the three small horizontal stripes that are located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • A menu with several options will be displayed, click on the one that says “Settings”.
  • Click on the section that says “Show game applications”.

Ver juegos en la carpeta de apps Samsung

  • Select the option that says “In Game Launcher and on the home and application screens.”
  • In seconds, Game Launcher will tell you that the games you have installed on your Samsung mobile will be displayed on the terminal’s applications screen , as well as in Game Launcher.
  • If you did everything correctly, you will be able to see the icon of your games on the Samsung apps screen .

In the event that you cannot access the Samsung Game Launcher, we recommend that you uninstall the game and download it again . In case this does not work, you will have to manually update the Samsung Game Launcher app from the Google Play Store.