The browser of your Samsung will protect more privacy and improve security

Samsung Internet Browser is one of Chrome’s tough rivals on Android phones. In its version 17.0 we have great changes, news and improvements that make the browser a serious bet to use as the default browser on our devices.

Most of the functions that we will be able to see in the new beta version of Samsung Internet are focused on privacy, since it is one of the ways we have to be more secure while we surf the net.

Let’s see below, all the news that we can try from this very moment in the beta version of Samsung Internet that you can download from the Google Play Store or from the Galaxy Store.


Smart Anti Tracking

Thanks to this feature, browsing will now be much safer. Smart Anti Tracking is a security and privacy feature that allows our device to automatically remove tracking cookies.

On the other hand, cookies by the client will expire after 7 days in order to minimize user tracking. Anti-tracking features are turned on by default.

HTTPS by default

The HTTPS security protocol is becoming more widespread, but there are still thousands of websites that do not have this protocol. Luckily, Samsung Internet will automatically use any website using the HTTPS protocol , in the event that there is no such protocol, it will be redirected to HTTP.

This is another novelty in which we can see that security and privacy are the main rules to be able to use Samsung Internet on our mobile, be it Samsung or any Android.

live text

The new LiveText function is inherited from the current iPhone, now when we browse the Internet and see an image with text we can leave the image pressed and select the text that is in it.

In the event that there is no text, a context menu of the image will appear to continue with the relevant options. The use of OCR is really widespread and even more so when we have such advanced terminals or cameras with high resolution.

Improved search

Now it will be much easier to search our bookmarks, history and the websites that we have saved through an approximate search. You won’t need to type whole words to do a search.

tab groups

Samsung recently redesigned the way tabs are displayed . Now this feature goes even further, now you can create groups of tabs with the action of drag and drop. Tab groups will be accessible from the navigation bar.

Other enhancements and features

Let’s now see the rest of the functions and improvements that come with version 17.0 of Samsung Internet:

  1. Now, tapping on the bottom address bar will bring up the URL directly on the keyboard.
  2. A shortcut has been created to go to the customize menu.
  3. The position of subtitles in videos has been improved.
  4. More languages have been added to the translator: Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Vietnamese.
  5. Download Samsung Internet for Android


  1. Download Samsung Internet for Samsung


These are all the new features and improvements that have been added in version 17.0 of Samsung Internet , among which we have been able to see important improvements in the user’s privacy and security while browsing.