The Black Shark 5 Pro will be Xiaomi's biggest beast: 16 GB of RAM, 720 Hz screen, 120W fast charging and more

Xiaomi is already preparing its most spectacular device of the year. We refer to the Black Shark 5 Pro , one of the most important gaming mobiles of the year and, probably, one of the most powerful and incredible smartphones. A series of features have been leaked that reveal Xiaomi’s intention to make a powerful mobile focused on games. One of its greatest assets will be the screen, which can have a touch refresh rate of 720 Hz.

The best of the best for the Black Shark 5 Pro

Xiaomi has not been trifling: the Black Shark 5 Pro will have the best possible hardware of 2022. The first thing that is known is its processor, which, how could it be otherwise, is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 . Next to it will be a 16 GB RAM memory chip and a storage chip that could reach 1 TB.

The screen will be in charge of a 6.8-inch AMOLED QHD + panel with very interesting refresh rates: 144 Hz for the image and 720 Hz for the touch screen . Yes, 720 Hz. This set will offer one of the best solutions of 2022 to play and enjoy multimedia content.

A 5,000 mAh battery will be in charge of the daily autonomy, which can be recharged with up to 120 W of gross power. This will deliver a full charge in just over 10 minutes. About 4-5 minutes will give the device hours of play.

It could arrive in March 2022

All this information comes from leaks, so we recommend you take it with tweezers. In 2021 the company launched the Black Shark 4 in March, so there are still a couple of months ahead to find out more details about the new Black Shark 5 .

If you were looking for a gaming mobile to play this could be one of the best of 2022. Of course, you will have to prepare the wallet, because the best hardware will not be cheap.