The best tricks to attack and defend in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games of the moment thanks to its free and online playability. For a few months there have been many new players and some who have resumed their accounts to play again. Today we make a small compilation of tricks to improve attack and defense in Clash Royale. They are tricks that only the most expert players use, since they are known only after having played thousands of games and knowing the cards perfectly. Now you can put them into practice from the beginning!

Improve the attack in Clash Royale with these tricks

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Attacking well is one of the most important things in the game. If you attack first you have some advantage and doing it right could counter your opponent’s attack. The following tricks will allow you to improve your attack with some specific cards of the most used.

Crossbow vs Golem: if you place a crossbow to attack one of the enemy towers the opponent will launch, if he has one, a Golem . This will deflect your crossbow’s attack and render it almost useless. If you want to avoid it, you must throw a log and make it touch the Golem with the tip. This action will knock the Golem out of range of the Crossbow .

Attack the Elixir Collector: If the opponent places an Elixir Collector you must attack it with a Hog Rider. If you place it on your battlefield aligned with the Gatherer, it will be able to destroy it before the towers finish it off. If you don’t align it, it will take longer to arrive and you won’t be able to destroy it. Remember that the Montapuercos is capable of jumping the river.

Royal Ghost Attack: If you intend to attack with a Royal Ghost you must place a ” tank ” card behind it. Throw the Ghost first and then the tank card of your choice so that the enemy tower only attacks the tank and not the Ghost. In this way you will be able to destroy the tower completely without the Royal Ghost suffering damage.

Defend better in Clash Royale

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Defending is also very important in the game , especially when you have managed to knock down an enemy tower and there are only a few seconds left in the game. These tricks will allow you to improve defense in a simple and effective way.

Defend Hound plus Minions: If your opponent attacks a Lava Hound with some Minions behind you, you have a one-time chance to defend it. When they cross the bridge, place a skeleton next to the river in the central square. These will divert the Minions to the other tower and it will be much easier to defend the attack.

Deflect any support cards: If the opponent throws a “tank” card to attack you directly, they probably want to defend it with a support card. When both pass through the bridge you must place an Ice Golem in the central part and attached to the river. It will deflect almost any support card and allow you to defend the “tank” card much better.

Defending the Pekka: the Pekka is one of the cards that has the most damage and is widely chosen by everyone to attack. A very good way to defend it is to place an Ice Golem in the central part to deflect it when it passes the bridge. Your tower will continue to weaken the Pekka and it will take much longer for him to reach. When the Ice Golem is gone you can place an Ice Spirit to keep the Pekka entertained. This will make the Pekka much weaker at your tower and much easier to defend.

Defending Hog Rider: If your opponent casts a Hog Rider you can prevent it from dealing damage to the tower with a Mini Pekka . Of course, you must place it exactly in the third square from the tower. Just the one that we indicate in the image below. If you don’t do it in that square the Montapuercos will be able to give a touch to your tower.

Now all you have to do is put these tricks into practice in your games and you will see that it is somewhat easier to achieve the objectives of attacking or defending in Clash Royale.