The 5 best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix this Christmas Eve 2021

Películas Navidad Netflix Nochebuena 2021

Do you want to enjoy a good movie on December 24? If so, today is your lucky day. Here you will find out which are the best Christmas movies that you can watch on Netflix on Christmas Eve 2021 .

We made for you a list of 5 movies that will renew your Christmas spirit . They are all ideal to unwind after dinner on Christmas Eve, so don’t miss out!

Klaus: know the origin of Santa Claus

Postman Jesper travels to a distant Arctic town. The boy realizes instantly how bad the people of the place have Christmas. It is at that moment that Jesper meets Klaus, a lumberjack with the ability to make toys . The two decide to join forces to give the dolls to the children and make the town happy.

Klaus was a smash hit when it premiered on Netflix. And it is not for less, since its first level story and its 2D animation make it a Christmas movie with a great message and that is worth watching with your family .

The Grinch: the quintessential Christmas classic

The Grinch is an elf who hates Christmas and will do everything possible to ruin the holidays for the people of Who Village. That is why the character creates a plan to steal the presents on Christmas Eve. However, it seems that The Grinch will change his way of being when a girl from the town begins to treat him with affection.

The Grinch is a Christmas movie that could not be missing from the list. We are sure that when you were a kid you saw this movie more than once. There is no doubt The Grinch is an entertaining story that you cannot miss on Christmas Eve .

The Christmas Chronicles: an ideal option to have a good time

Brothers Kate and Teddy manage to record the moment when Santa Claus enters their parents’ house. In the same way, they both manage to sneak into Santa’s sleigh. But this ends up causing an accident that damages the sled. Therefore, the three characters are going to have to join together to bring the gifts of all the children to each of their houses and save Christmas Eve .

The Christmas Chronicles is a simple story, but it shows you an adventure that will maximize your Christmas spirit . The film stands out for the role of Kurt Russell, who plays a funny Santa Claus who goes against the typical Santa Claus of Christmas movies.

The boy who saved Christmas: a movie full of emotions that you will love

Nikolas travels north to try to discover where the town of Elfhem is, the village of the elves. In turn, by doing this, the boy seeks to reconnect with his father. Nikolas is going to have a great adventure, the ending of which explains the origin of Christmas .

This Netflix movie was released recently and has garnered rave reviews . The boy who saved Christmas is a story that, in the style of Klaus, shows the most beautiful values of this date. Watch the movie with the smallest of the house so that together you can know the true meaning of Christmas Eve!

Get a scare on Christmas Eve with Krampus: Damn Christmas

Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you think that the options that we have just shown you are very bland for your tastes? Well then Krampus: Damn Christmas is the scary movie you should see this Christmas Eve 2021 .

The movie is going to show you how a toxic family loses the Christmas spirit. This is the reason why the demon Krampus begins to persecute the members of the family and decides to kill them all.

Krampus: Damn Christmas is not your typical movie for this time of year, so if you are bored a lot by romantic comedies set on Christmas Eve.

On the other hand, if on the night of the 24th you want to do a Christmas horror marathon, the ideal thing is that you know the best horror movies for this Christmas.

And voila, those are the Christmas movies available on Netflix that are a great option to watch this Christmas Eve! Of all the movies on the list, which one is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments.

And if you didn’t like what this app offers you , don’t forget that you can enjoy Christmas movies on Disney Plus that are top-notch.

But remember that the other platforms are not far behind in the options that their catalogs have for these dates. That is why there are also very good Christmas movies on HBO Max.

In any case, you decide what service you stay with this Christmas Eve . But you already know! Movies about Christmas are what is left over in streaming apps during the month of December.