The 10 most powerful smartphones of 2021 according to AnTuTu: Xiaomi, Red Magic, OnePlus …

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone, we have good news for you. AnTuTu’s list for the end of the year is now available. There are 10 new mobiles that close the list of the most powerful smartphones in the world according to AnTuTu . This list will move radically shortly, as there is a new generation of chips that have already been presented and that will be on the market very soon. What’s more, the Motorola Edge X30 has already proven that it is the leader of this list, although it is not included because it is not for sale yet.

TOP 10 Smartphones with the best performance of 2021

Performance is no longer extremely important in high-end smartphones . They all include high-end processors and it is very difficult to notice differences between them without facing them. Still, having the best is always the goal of many users.

In this AnTuTu list you can see the 10 most powerful and best performing smartphones. They are the ones that have gone through the benchmark and have offered the best average score. This does not automatically make them the best option, but it is a good guide to know if the device you are interested in is among the best when it comes to performance.

  1. Black Shark Pro 4S – 875,382 points
  2. Red Magic 6S Pro – 852,719 points
  3. iQOO 8 Pro – 846,663 points
  4. Black Shark Pro 4 – 837,792 points
  5. Vivo X70 Pro + – 835,275 points
  6. Asus ROG Phone 5S – 831,627 points
  7. iQOO 8 – 829,916 points
  8. Lenovo Legion 2 Pro – 819,799 points
  9. Oppo Find X3 Pro – 816,046 points
  10. realme GT – 815,801 points

All the devices on the list are in a range of 60,000 points , an almost negligible difference in the day-to-day of smartphones. The real difference will come in 2022 with the new processors, specifically with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

Smartphones in 2022 will exceed 1,000,000 points

The Motorola Edge X30 just presented has gone through AnTuTu scoring a score that exceeds one million points. This lets us know that this entire list will move drastically when next-generation smartphones are introduced. There will be a notable difference of more than 200,000 points between the 2021 and 2022 mobiles .