The 10 Disney + Christmas movies you can't miss

Las 10 mejores peliculas de Navidad que puedes encontrar en Disney Plus

A good movie is all you need to activate your Christmas spirit. On the various streaming platforms you can find perfect movies for these holidays, but of all of them, Disney + is the one that offers the most Christmas classics that you will not want to miss.

On the Disney platform you will find the Christmas movies of a lifetime (but that we never tire of seeing) and some new titles that will surprise you . If you’ve already seen the 10 Christmas movies that you can see on HBO Max, now is the time for you to discover which ones you can enjoy on Disney Plus.

Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

Disney + has a fairly varied catalog when it comes to Christmas titles. This is how you have the opportunity to see from a classic of these holidays such as Nightmare before Christmas, to new films that are part of the Disney Plus premieres for this December. Not sure which one to see? Don’t worry, here we bring you the best Christmas movies from the Disney Plus catalog .

A Christmas Carol (2009)

Most Christmas stories have something in common: a moral that tells us that we have to be good people. And this is the main message of the classic Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. It is an animated film that has that style that we liked so much about The Polar Express (and it is directed by the same filmmaker) in which we will see the story of Scrooge, a grumpy old man who does not enjoy parties.

The moody Scrooge (voiced by the fantastic actor Jim Carrey) is surprised on Christmas Eve with the visit of the spirits of Christmas past, present and future which will take him on a magical journey. Thus he will discover the consequences of his greedy and selfish behavior, which will make our character try to change to reverse the damage he has caused … Will he succeed?

12 Christmas Quotes (2011)

Christmas and love are two things that get along very well. That is why during these holidays we are used to seeing a lot of Christmas romantic comedies . Do you like this genre? Well, here we bring you one that you can enjoy on Disney Plus: 12 Christmas quotes.

In this movie we follow the life of Kate, a woman who recently ended a relationship. In an act of desperation, our character decides to go on a blind date which, of course, ends up going wrong . But later, while doing Christmas shopping, Kate faints and wakes up to discover that she has the opportunity to live her disastrous date again… Can she repair it now?

Miracle in the City (1994)

If you’ve ever wondered if the cute girl who played Matilda (Mara Wilson) has another good movie, we tell you that she does and it’s “Miracle in the City.” This is an adaptation of the 1947 classic “De illusión also lives” that tells us a rather curious story.

During the organization of a Christmas parade a problem arises: the person who was to be Santa Claus can no longer act. To replace him they trust a mysterious old man named Kris. Surprised by his performance, they hire him to be the Santa Claus of a warehouse, however, things get complicated when this character claims to be the real Santa Claus .

Home Alone (1990)

Nothing is more Christmas-like than lying on the sofa to watch the adventures of little Kevin who is accidentally abandoned by his parents and has to spend the holidays alone at home . This is one of those lifelong classics that, even if you’ve been watching it for 30 Christmases, you still can’t get enough of it.

The story is totally charming. A large family has decided to spend Christmas in France and they rush out of their house so as not to miss the plane. They manage to take the flight, but there is something that they have forgotten: their son Kevin. This is how the parents will try to get their son back, while the little one will have to defend the home from two thieves who want to steal it.

A Christmas with Mickey (1983)

How could we not include a Mickey Mouse movie on this Disney Plus list? Impossible. Above all, because good old Mickey has one of the best Christmas movies on this streaming platform . In this 1983 title we relive the classic Charles Dickens Christmas tale, but this time told from the Disney universe.

And don’t worry about its quality, as this movie has been restored so that you can enjoy it in good resolution. Also, if you are looking for a short movie this is a good option, since it only lasts 24 minutes . And what is it about? Well, it is the well-known tale of Scrooge and the spirits of Christmas. However, this time the grumpy old man is played by Donald Duck himself.

Noelle (2019)

So far, the movies on the list are productions that already existed before Disney Plus was released. However, here we bring you an original Christmas movie from this streaming content service . It is one of the first original productions and whose objective was to recover the typical Christmas spirit of the classic films of this time.

Noelle is a movie starring Anna Kendrick who plays the daughter of Santa Claus . She is full of the Christmas spirit, but feels like she is not helping the family business enough. On the contrary, his brother Nick, who will replace his father to become the new Santa Claus, cannot handle all this pressure and flees a few days before Christmas Eve. In this way, Noelle must find her brother to save Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Without a doubt, this is one of the most original and fun movies you can see this Christmas. And who else than Tim Burton to create one of the strangest classics of Christmas . In “The Nightmare Before Christmas” we follow the adventures of Jack, the king of Halloween Town but who is bored of celebrating the same holiday every year.

By mistake, Jack finds the entrance to the City of Christmas where he meets this very charismatic and happy celebration. Delighted with his discovery, Jack is convinced to take over Christmas and replace Santa Claus, so together with his dark friends they decide to storm this holiday. Get ready to see one of the most curious and surprising Christmas movies of all time.

Home alone at last (2021)

Tired of watching the same old Christmas classics? Don’t worry, here we bring you the remake of one of the movies that you don’t get bored of watching. The success of “Alone at home” not only generated 4 sequels, but also, in this 2021 came its first reboot . And although for obvious reasons the well-known actor Macaulay Culkin can no longer play the child abandoned by his parents, his replacement does not disappoint at all.

This Christmas remake that has been named “At last alone at home” is very faithful to the original movie, although with a couple of changes. In it we will meet Max, a boy who his parents have left alone for Christmas by mistake . Now, the little one will not only have to fend for himself in his house, but he will also have to defend it from a couple of intruders who want to get an expensive family heirloom.

A father in distress (1996)

Arnold Schwarzenegger making a Christmas movie? Yes, this actor that we have seen in the best action movies in history has also made funny Christmas comedies. In “A father in distress” he plays a father who must fulfill his son’s dream : to welcome Turboman, an action figure that all children love, for Christmas.

But our action hero is a very busy businessman who has completely forgotten about his son’s gift. In addition, the toy is out of stock in all stores. Thus begins a fun adventure in which this forgetful father tries to find this precious action figure before Christmas Eve.

Go Santa Claus! (1994)

Very few movies have managed to regain the Christmas spirit like “Wow Santa Claus!” He did it in the 1990s. And it is that it became an instant classic that managed to reunite families to enjoy this incredible Christmas adventure.

In this title you will learn the story of Scott, a divorced father who finds out that his ex-partner and his son’s stepfather have told the little boy that Santa Claus does not exist. Angry at this situation, Scott goes out annoyed to see what the mysterious noise from the roof is. When frightening the intruder, he falls, dies and discovers his identity: he was Santa Claus himself . Now he must become the new Santa to save Christmas.

With these 10 Disney Plus Christmas movies you will surely have a very happy holiday season enjoying the excellent content offered by this streaming platform. And you … Which of these movies are you going to see?