The AI Evolution in Monitors: Samsung’s 360 Hz OLED Breakthrough

ai monitor evolution

In the world of video games, particularly in first-person or third-person shooter multiplayer games, higher FPS (Frames Per Second) numbers are highly coveted. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role not only in operating systems and applications but also in various computer components and peripherals, as exemplified by Samsung’s cutting-edge OLED monitor. Samsung, the renowned … Read more

4:3 Monitors: Are They Still Worth It?

monitor ratio

In today’s monitor market, the dominant aspect ratio is undeniably 16:9, and even wider with 21:9 or beyond. However, not too long ago, square-shaped screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio were the norm. The question that arises is whether these older 4:3 monitors still hold value in today’s tech landscape. What led to the near-discontinuation … Read more