Så du kan översätta ett ljud med Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most useful tools that this company offers us . With it you can translate a text from most of the world’s languages, but did you know that you can also translate audio? Yes, with Google Translate you can translate audio thanks to the voice recognition that the application incorporates. … Läs mer

Du behöver inte längre en inbjudan! DALL-E 2 är tillgänglig för alla och så att du kan använda den

OpenAI has just announced that its artificial intelligence that creates images from text is now available to everyone. That’s right, DALL-E 2 just finished its closed beta and can now be used by anyone . In early 2022, when OpenAI expanded access to the DALL-E 2 beta, the internet was filled with amazing, photorealistic images … Läs mer