Stop charging your mobile on your car's USB: this alternative is much better

Does your car have a USB to charge the mobile ? Do you use it to give your smartphone a little more life on short trips? You should know that, despite being something that companies sell you as an innovator, the truth is that it is an outdated technology and that little will help you on short trips . Today we tell you why charging your mobile with the car USB is a bad idea and how to make it a good idea.

Charging the mobile in the car is slow, but sooo slow

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If you have bought a car in the last 5 years it is very likely that it has one or two USB A somewhere on the dashboard. These, in addition to connecting USB memory units, also serve to charge the mobile .

Simply connect a compatible cable, connect the mobile and it will start charging. The problem with this system is the power of the load. It is slow , considerably slow. Probably any charger you have at home charges faster than your car .

There is nothing wrong with slow charging the battery, it is even better for its lifespan. The “problem” lies in the purpose of the load on the car. In general, these charges are made when you go to work or shopping, journeys that usually last a few minutes.

The most common car USBs usually charge between 1W and 5W , a charge that can be considered quite slow . If you connect it for 10-15 minutes the result will be poor. It is not a problem with your mobile, but with the power source that gives life to the car’s USB .

Manufacturers cut costs by using poor quality connectors that support the slowest loads on the market. For this reason charging the mobile in the car, with the USB included in the vehicle, is a bad idea . You will only get a few extra minutes of autonomy .

How to charge the mobile fast in the car

If you want to make the most of those minutes of travel to work, our recommendation is that you forget about the USB in your car. They are very good for long trips, to connect a memory unit with music or to use Android Auto or Apple Car Play.

What solutions do you have? A lighter charger with fast charging ! All cars have a cigarette lighter connector and it is very simple and cheap to use it to charge your mobile very quickly. Just buy a fast-charging cigarette lighter charger from Amazon. These are some examples:

  1. Fast car charger – 36W – Amazon
  2. Fast car charger – 24W – Amazon
  3. Fast car charger – 24W – Amazon
  4. Fast car charger – 30W – Amazon
  5. Fast car charger – 30W – Amazon
  6. Fast car charger – 38W – Amazon

They are all very similar in features and price. Between 10 and 20 euros / dollars you can buy one with several outputs and more than enough power. The above examples offer fast charging between 24 and 38W.

This power is interesting and multiplies by several tens the charging speed compared to the USB of conventional cars. You will go from charging a few extra minutes to being able to recharge several hours in the same journey.

These chargers use the car’s cigarette lighter to convert the current into a very efficient fast charge. Also, they are all very small and you will not even notice that they are placed in the hole of the lighter.

If you want to take the opportunity to charge your mobile in the car, we recommend that you take a look at these fast chargers and stop using the USB that your car has.