Still don't know about this new WhatsApp feature? It is very useful

WhatsApp has just updated one of the latest features for 2021 . The messaging application now makes it easier to use messages that disappear automatically. If you want to have your WhatsApp clean, it is very useful that the conversations are erased every few days or months. Today we are talking about the new way you have to keep your records almost empty automatically and without much effort.

Disappearing WhatsApp messages change for the better

Until now, any user with the updated WhatsApp application could configure the disappearing messages. The function activated an automatic deletion of the entire conversation after X time, which could be configured in some sections predefined by WhatsApp .

The bad news is that you needed to activate this feature in each individual conversation. Now things change and are updated. WhatsApp is giving the possibility to activate the messages that disappear in all conversations .

This will allow you to delete all your WhatsApp conversations from time to time so that the histories are not infinite. It may not be what you are looking for, but there are a large number of users who want to have their WhatsApp conversations as free as possible.

The function is now available on Android and IOS mobiles around the world. If you still do not have it available, it should arrive in the next few days or after updating the WhatsApp application . It is a very useful function to keep the messaging application clean and well organized.