Spotify has started selling audiobooks (in only one country at the moment)

Spotify ya vende audiolibros

Several months ago the news broke that Spotify had joined forces with the company Storytel, a movement that made it clear that the most popular music streaming platform in the world intended to enter the audiobook market .

Today, finally, this intention was confirmed, as Spotify began to offer a huge catalog of more than 300,000 audiobooks , content that is currently only available to users in the United States.

Spotify bets on audiobooks

Spotify vende audiolibros en Estados Unidos

Thanks to the statement published by Spotify , it has become known that the deployment of audiobooks in the US market is only the first step. In a few words, the company assures that, based on this experience , it will continue betting on the format and will sell audiobooks in other countries .

Spotify is very clear that this is an important business opportunity and does not want to be left out . Although audiobooks only represent a small share of the market in the United States, some experts predict that this category will increase by 20% year over year.

It should be noted that the company will have to compete with Audible, the Amazon bet that currently dominates the general market. This service is available almost everywhere in the world and offers more than 90 thousand titles.

How does the Spotify audiobook service work?

Despite what many people think, Spotify proposes a different proposal from that of its main competitor , since each audiobook must be purchased individually. The catalog can be consulted from the application itself, although when choosing one, users will be redirected to a web page.

Clarifying the latter, Spotify does not allow you to buy audiobooks directly from the app , what does this mean? That said content has to be acquired outside the application. This is due to Spotify’s struggle to avoid paying app store fees.

With nothing more to add, the date on which the Spotify audiobook service would arrive in our country is still unknown. Everything will depend on how things go in the United States.