Soon you will be able to read your WhatsApp messages without opening the chats

leer mensajes de whatsapp sin abrir chat

Do not deny it! You have also wanted to read WhatsApp messages without opening them so as not to leave any trace that you did. We all go through that at some point and in fact there are applications and tricks that allow you to read WhatsApp messages without opening the application.

However, these methods are not perfect, since they do one of two things: they only allow you to read part of a message (if you make the query from Android notifications or widgets) or they hide the chat read receipt (but still you need to open the app). This could change soon, because soon you will be able to read your WhatsApp messages without opening the chats on Android , with WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus will allow you to read WhatsApp messages without opening them or leaving traces

leer mensajes de whatsapp sin dejar rastro

The HeyMods team (developers of WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp) recently sent out a survey to their users. In it, they consult if they consider it relevant to develop a functionality that allows reading messages from the application without opening the chats.

So far, 78% of users have answered that they think it is a good idea , while the rest do not consider this an essential feature. However, the seconds make one thing clear: this functionality will be an alternative to hiding the double blue confirmation check, a feature that has been around for a long time in these WhatsApp MODs.

As you can imagine, when taking a survey it’s pretty obvious that it’s not a mature feature, but the uptake is so great that it’s probably coming soon .

How could this feature work in WhatsApp Plus?

whatsapp plus permitira leer mensajes sin abrir chats

A good part of the current methods make use of Android notifications to view messages without opening WhatsApp, but this is limiting: only some messages can be read and if one is too long, you will not be able to read it completely.

We don’t know exactly what HeyMods is up to with this functionality and its implementation, although we do have a theory. When a message arrives on WhatsApp on your mobile, it is ready to be read , even if you don’t open the application.

Thus, what WhatsApp Plus could do is access said message and present it to you in its entirety through another service (or a special widget). All this, without you opening the chat in which the message is.

When will this feature arrive? We do not know, and they are even still in time to rule it out. However, WhatsApp Plus is constantly being updated , so it shouldn’t take too long to roll out, if they decide to do so.