Soon you will be able to pin posts to your Instagram profile

Destacar publicaciones Instagram

Instagram has given something to talk about and not only because Bizarrap and Paulo Londra could have the publication with the most comments on the platform, but also because now they will release a new feature. In fact, it seems that Instagram is now testing a feature that will allow you to pin certain posts to your profile.

Instagram tests pinning posts to your profile

Yes, Instagram is not satisfied with the 7 new features it has added to its DMs, changing its hashtags or even changing its algorithm. Now he wants to release a new feature. The new feature that Instagram plans to launch will allow you to pin some posts to your profile grid .

This new post pinning feature is now available as a trial for some users . Note that this feature will allow you to pin some apps to the top of your profile. In fact, the Instagram post pinning feature works in a similar way to the Twitter or TikTok version.

This Instagram feature could complement story highlights , so now people will have more options to highlight your content and get their followers to engage with it.

Función destacar publicaciones Instagram

On the other hand, you should know that you can highlight a publication on Instagram so that it attracts the attention of the people who visit your profile. This feature will make it easy for people to see one of your posts without having to scroll to the bottom of your profile.

Apparently, this new Instagram feature has already been in development for several months and could be available soon for all users of the platform. Anyway, this new Instagram feature is still in a trial period and the social network has not indicated a date for its launch. Still, this feature will most likely be released before NFTs hit Instagram.

In any case, the function of highlighting some posts on the Instagram profile can be useful for multiple people. Additionally, this Instagram feature is likely to be used as a means of sharing multiple types of sponsored content .

Source | TechCrunch