Soon WhatsApp Web and for computers will have reactions

The next novelty of WhatsApp reactions is getting closer, and proof of this is that they already appear in the code of WhatsApp Web and Desktop (for computers). We do not know when they will be released, but it is possible that they will be released on all platforms at the same time.

The new reactions will be similar to those on Facebook, and allow us to reply to a message with an emoji , probably without generating a notification in the conversation. They already appeared hidden in the code of the Android and iPhone app, now also in WhatsApp Web (for browsers) and WhatsApp Desktop (PC and Mac computers).

Version 2.2207.0 of WhatsApp Beta already includes reactions in the internal code , for now there is no way to use them, but it is a matter of time before they are enabled. Perhaps it will be done first on mobile, or at the same time as on computers.

The reactions will consist of 6 possible emojis: thumbs up (👍🏻), heart (❤), laughter (😂), amazement (😲), sorrow (😢) and praying hands (🙏🏻), as you can see in this capture:

Imagen - Las reacciones llegan a WhatsApp Web/Desktop

Also, we now know how reactions will be sent in the Web and Desktop versions of the program. When approaching the cursor to a message, a monochrome icon of a smiling face will appear , after clicking on it we will see the possible reactions.

The reactions will allow us to give information without the need to send new messages that are not very relevant in the conversations. For example, an “OK” confirmation can be replaced by a thumbs up, or the usual “lol” by a smiley face.

Excessive notifications in WhatsApp groups become a problem, and the reactions will help mitigate it in part.

It is one of the various novelties that the messaging platform is preparing, such as the new time limit for deleting WhatsApp messages that we will see in 2022, after several tests in this regard to find the ideal figure.

Of course, the reactions on WhatsApp Web and Desktop will be useful , and will avoid unnecessary messages. At the moment we do not know when it will be available, not even for mobile phones, but it seems that less and less is missing.

Via: WABetaInfo