Signal now allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies worldwide

signal hacer pagos criptos mobilecoin

Do you remember Signal? The instant messaging application that was a trend last year. Signal gained popularity for being the most secure and transparent application in handling the personal data of its users, something in which WhatsApp leaves much to be desired.

But time has passed and perhaps many have already forgotten about this app, which does not mean that it has died. On the contrary, they have continued to work to improve the platform and include features that make the app more useful. Among them is the option to make payments between users. Something that we have already seen in WhatsApp but that in this case promises to be more secure and based on Blockchain technology. Yes, the same technology that Bitcoin uses.

Signal launches its own cryptocurrency to make secure payments

Since April of last year it was rumored that Signal would integrate a system to make payments within the app, this function is already available globally but in the beta version of the app. They have integrated MobileCoin and with it you can send and receive payments within Signal, in a safe and more private way. In addition, Signal ensures that you can withdraw all of your funds from the platform whenever you want.

The integration of MobileCoin in Signal began its pilot test in the United Kingdom last year and since then it has already added hundreds of daily transactions , it is expected that with the global launch this figure will increase progressively.

MobileCoin, the Wallet you should try

If you’re using Signal and wondering where this new feature is , all you have to do is:

  • Enter a private chat .
  • Click on the ” + ” symbol to display the menu.
  • There you will see the option for payments , where you can configure your MobileCoin to start using it.

Of course, this is a really useful feature for those who sell products and services through social networks and instant messaging applications. The only bad thing about this wallet is that for now it is only accepted by a few exchange houses such as BitFinex and FTX, which are not available in some countries such as the United States. Something serious, since this is one of the developed countries with the most cryptocurrency transactions in the world.

MobileCoin is more secure than Bitcoin, according to Signal

Signal ensures that MobileCoin is superior to Bitcoin in terms of security, a positive aspect that many users will surely take into account. With MobileCoin it is more difficult to trace the transactions and it also incorporates a mathematical model with which you can validate the transactions without having to reveal sensitive information such as the value of the transaction.

If you know how to take advantage of cryptocurrencies and prioritize the security and privacy of your finances, you should try this new Signal feature . And if you do, let us know how you liked MobileCoin. Who knows, maybe it will end up being one of the most used wallets in the world.