Sending WhatsApp messages without adding the contact is that easy

Enviar mensaje por WhatsApp sin añadir como contacto

Do you get in a lot of trouble when you have to save your mobile numbers to start a new chat on WhatsApp? If so, today is your lucky day. Here you will see how to send messages on WhatsApp without adding people to your contacts .

There is a trick in the app with which you can do this quickly and easily . Starting WhatsApp chats without saving phone numbers is very easy!

How to send a message on WhatsApp without having to save contacts

Cómo enviar un mensaje en WhatsApp sin guardar contacto

The Meta app lets you start a new chat with just the people who are added to your phone’s contact book. This is annoying and becomes a big problem in the long run.

Why do we say it? Well, because your WhatsApp is going to be filled with a lot of phone numbers that, perhaps, are from strangers to whom you want to write only once (something common when you make purchases in the app).

In turn, this situation affects your privacy , since it causes these people to see your profile picture, the statuses you upload or your last connection to the app.

Fortunately, it is possible to send messages on WhatsApp to numbers not saved on your mobile if you follow the steps that we show you below:

Enviar mensajes de WhatsApp sin añadir personas como contactos

  • Enter the search engine of your smartphone . It doesn’t matter which browsers for Android or iOS you usually use on mobile, because the trick works in all these apps.
  • In the search box, copy this “” .
  • In the “X” space, put the mobile number of the person you want to talk to on WhatsApp . This must be copied together with the country telephone prefix, without the “+” sign, without spaces between the numbers and without any extra data. For example: “”.
  • Find the URL in the browser . At that moment you will see a page that says “Open WhatsApp” appear on the screen.
  • Here click on the “Continue to chat” option.
  • Now a conversation will open with the phone number that you put in the link in your WhatsApp.

And ready! In the process you are going to use the type of link that you copy in the browser to create a WhatsApp group with yourself.

How to send messages on WhatsApp Web to a number that you do not have added as a contact

But, if you don’t have your mobile at hand, how can you start a chat in this version of WhatsApp with someone you haven’t saved in your smartphone contacts yet? Well, the process is similar to the one we explained above. The only thing that changes is the way to put the URL. Specifically, do this :

  • Open WhatsApp Web . It doesn’t matter if your smartphone doesn’t have a charge, since you can use WhatsApp Web with your mobile turned off.
  • Click on the URL of the site and add this: ” /send?phone=XXXXXXXXXXX “.
  • Add the phone number in the “X” following the steps that we showed you in the previous section.
  • Press “Enter” on your PC keyboard once the URL is ready.
  • The chat will start instantly and you will be able to type without any problem.

This is how you can send messages on WhatsApp to anyone without adding them to your contacts! There is no doubt that this is one of the best tricks to use WhatsApp like a pro.

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