Save Your Night Out: A Hidden Cell Phone Function for Emergencies

Have you ever been out partying and, instead of having a good time, found yourself sweating bullets, all because of your low cell phone battery? We’ve all been there. Who thinks of leaving home without a properly charged smartphone? To ensure you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation like this, we’re here to introduce you to a concealed cell phone function that has come to the rescue on many of my nights out, especially when I’m in the company of my wife.

This particular feature isn’t available in all smartphones, but it can be found in select mobile phones from brands like OPPO, OnePlus, or realme, which happen to share similar software. Hidden away among the security options, this tool allows you to automatically send an SMS to a trusted contact when your battery level drops below a specified percentage.

Why You Need It

So, why is this feature so invaluable? Often, we forget to charge our phones before heading out, or we run out of available outlets at the bar, or we simply get lost and don’t notice that our battery is depleting. When we finally need to call a taxi, a friend, or our mother to let them know we’re okay, our phone has already given up on us, leaving us stranded and unable to communicate with anyone.

This hidden gem within your mobile settings can help you avoid such predicaments. All you need to do is configure your phone to send an SMS to a trusted contact when your battery reaches the level you choose. For instance, you can set it up so that when your battery falls below 15%, your phone automatically sends a message to your best friend saying something like, “Hello, it’s me. My phone is about to run out of battery. I’m at the Solo bar and I’m safe. Call me tomorrow.” This way, your friend, partner, or family will know your whereabouts and that you’re out of harm’s way.

Activating the Feature

This feature is incredibly easy to set up and customize. Simply navigate to your mobile settings, find the Privacy or Security option, and select Emergency Sharing options. Next, choose the Low Battery Alert option and proceed to select the contact to whom you’d like the message to be sent, specify the battery level that triggers the message, and compose the message itself. Feel free to get creative with the message content to lighten the mood and ensure the recipient doesn’t get alarmed.

I highly recommend trying out this function if you own an OPPO or a similar mobile phone, as it can save you from a lot of trouble and anxiety. Plus, it’s a fun way to surprise your contacts with original and amusing messages. For instance, you can send a playful message like, “Hello, it’s me. My phone is on its last breath. I love you a lot. Don’t forget me.”

And for those whose phones lack this feature, you can turn to automation apps like Tasker, which allow you to configure actions based on your phone’s status.

Tasker Tutorial

If you want to send a low battery alert message, follow these steps with Tasker:

  1. Create the “Send Battery SMS” task.
  2. Press the “+” button and select the “Send SMS” option.
  3. Enter the contact and the message you want to send.
  4. In the profiles tab, create a new one, e.g., “SMS Battery Alert.”
  5. Select “State.”
  6. Search for “Battery Level.”
  7. Set the desired battery level.
  8. Associate the task you created earlier.
  9. Save the profile.