Save on electricity and gas bills with Bluetti's Easter offers

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In recent months, life has become more expensive. The rise in electricity and gas bills as a result of the energy crisis caused by the war has left many families in check who are now looking for alternatives. An interesting option to lower the bill in the long term may be solar energy . And before you say that what it will cost you to set up a solar energy installation is not worth the savings, let us tell you about Bluetti.

Bluetti is a brand specialized in portable charging stations and solar panels for home use. They are so cheap and easy to use that anyone can have a small power station capable of generating solar energy at home . Want a? Well, coincidentally Bluetti’s Easter sales have started and you can get their products at more affordable prices. Let’s see them…

Bluetti lowers its generators so you can take advantage of solar energy without getting into expensive installations

Of all the offers that Bluetti has launched to celebrate Easter, we have selected four that we think may be interesting. In any case, at the end of the article you have the button to see all the offers . If you need a solar panel or a charging station with specific characteristics, you will surely find it there.

Bluetti SP350 solar panel

panel solar bluetti sp350

Although they have just been launched on the market, the 350W Bluetti SP350 solar panels are already on sale. They are compatible with all the brand’s solar generators and can be easily taken on a trip as they are foldable (they are stored in the form of a briefcase). They have a conversion rate of 23.4% and are IP65 splash water certified (not resistant to rain or submersion in water).

The Bluetti SP350 are made with a monocrystalline panel with high absorption of sunlight together with four supports that allow you to place them at the best angle. During these offers, you can get your SP350 solar panel for €749 (previously €799) using this button:

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Bluetti AC200MAX portable power station

Bluetti AC200MAX

The Bluetti AC200MAX is a kind of super powerbank with a huge 2048 Wh battery that can not only charge all your devices, but also power your home appliances (including kitchens). For example, you can keep a 1200W refrigerator running for 15-28 hours . One last!

It can be easily controlled by Bluetooth or by its touch panel. And it charges very fast with its 900 W solar charging input , with its 500 W AC adapter or with both at the same time (1400 W). It has more than 15 outlets of all kinds, so it can power almost any electrical device. If you need to expand its capacity, it comes with two expansion ports to offer you a battery of up to 8192 Wh.

Its price? It’s normally €2,199, but now you can get it for 1,999 with this button:

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Bluetti AC300+B300 Power Station Combo

bluetti ac300

With this offer you can get the Bluetti AC300 charging station and the additional 3072 Wh B300 battery module for a single price. The best thing about this power station is that it supports 7 ways of charging and a maximum recharge of 5400W (divide into 2400W solar and 3000W AC). Of course, for the latter two B300 batteries are required.

Either way, the Bluetti AC300 can recharge each B300 module to 100% in 1.5 hours in sunlight alone. It has 17 different ports so you can connect many different devices and is capable of working as a UPS to eliminate power outage problems in your home.

And in case you’re wondering, its battery modules can turn on an air conditioner for up to 3 hours . If you like it, this is the best time to buy it. It’s only €3,899 (previously €4,499) in the Easter sale. Get your Bluetti AC300+B300 using this button:

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Bluetti AC50S portable power station

bluetti ac50s

If you want something more economical and compact for trips or specific situations, the Bluetti AC50S is perfect for you. It has a 500Wh battery and 300W output through 11 different ports . It supports three charging modes (solar panel, normal plug and car cigarette lighter socket) and has an SOS help function.

It measures 419 x 28 x 38.6 cm and weighs 27.5 kg. It is ideal for portable use at home, motorhome or camping . And the best thing is that it is not expensive at all. Take advantage of the Easter offers to get your Bluetti AC50S for just €459 (previously €539) using this button:

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All Bluetti’s Easter Offers (2022)

Did you want more? Then take a look at the complete list of Bluetti’s Easter offers from its official website by clicking the following button:

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