Samsung One UI 4.1 is official: all the news

Samsung One UI 4.1 is here, the new version of the customization layer of Samsung phones , a minor update that will begin to arrive soon to more mobile devices of this manufacturer because some are already arriving with it installed.

And it is that the new Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra already come standard with Android 12 and One UI 4.1, being the only smartphones that already include it as standard, for the rest of the mobiles we will have to wait for the launch, which will take place little by little.

With One UI 4.1 various new features arrive that we will detail below so that you can know what things you will find when the update is available on your Samsung phone, some of them are the following:

  1. Using all lenses in Pro mode: Camera Pro mode is now available for all sensors.
  2. Advanced social media camera features: Your phone’s advanced camera features will be available on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, so you’ll be able to use night mode and the ultra-wide sensor with those networks.
  3. Creating events from suggestions: now in the Calendar application of your Samsung mobile it will be easier to create events automatically from the suggestions that appear based on the messages you receive on your device.
  4. Virtual RAM memory: in the new customization layer you can choose how much virtual RAM memory is assigned in this way through the settings. This will be especially interesting if you have a mobile phone with a lot of free storage.
  5. Improvements in Samsung Wallet: apart from being able to add bank cards to make mobile payments, from now on you can have your ID and other types of customer loyalty cards.
  6. Smart Widgets: you can add Smart Widgets on the desktop where your applications are, these are like widgets one inside another that you can move with your finger.
  7. Additional maximum brightness: by disabling the automatic brightness function from the settings, a new extra maximum brightness section appears that you can activate and that increases the brightness to the maximum possible, but this will entail a greater energy consumption, although it will be ideal for outdoors or where there is a lot of light or sun.

There is some other novelty in terms of the camera application, for example, the use of portrait mode in videos with zoom will be supported. All of this comes with Samsung One UI 4.1 , which will start arriving on several Samsung phones soon, so it’s a matter of keeping an eye out for any updates on your phone.