Review: vivo V23 5G, exceptional selfie camera in an eye-catching color-changing mobile

The new vivo V23 5G is an original bet within the 2022 mobile catalog due to its 50 MP dual selfie camera with dual flash and the striking rear cover that changes color depending on the lighting. In this review we are going to delve into an interesting phone that selfie lovers and influencers will like.

The vivo V23 5G offers a complete technical sheet also in the rest of the sections, headed by a 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with 90 Hz refreshment and a MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor, which provides 5G connectivity.

The rear houses a triple camera with a main 64 MP , supported by a wide-angle sensor and a macro. The 4,200 mAh battery offers fast charging at 44 W , and the operating system is the recent Android 12 , which seems to us to be a positive point.

All this in a slim, stylish body with good finishes . This can make the vivo V23 5G a good alternative for the type of consumer who gives importance to the smartphone as another accessory of their clothing and tends to take many selfies and videos for social networks.

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

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Slim, premium and color changing

The first thing that strikes you about the vivo V23 5G is a very slim and premium design , based on glass and metal. It does not become too cumbersome, its 6.44 inches put it in the average of current mobiles, although the use of noble materials generates a forceful sensation in the hand.

The vivo V23 5 is sold in a rather discreet Stardust Black color , which thanks to a layer of AG fluorite microcrystals offers a distinctive shine, and is the version of our review unit.

However, the one that will attract the most attention is the so-called Sunshine Gold, which changes color depending on the light, also thanks to fluorite. It is golden under normal lighting conditions, and changes to turquoise blue when it receives strong sunlight.

The front is dominated by the 6.44-inch screen , with a small notch to house the dual selfie camera. It has been protected with Schott Xensation Up, a reinforced glass similar to the popular Gorilla Glass:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Turning the terminal, the glass back is smooth , with a distinctive finish, and an elevation where three cameras are located:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

The cameras protrude quite a bit, so a very good idea is to put the cover that comes in the box to avoid scratches and possible bumps.

On the left side there is no element, while on the right we find the volume and power/lock buttons on the flat design edge:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

The lower area houses the only speaker of the vivo V23 5G, the USB C port and the SIM card tray:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Regarding the Sunshine Gold model, in this video we can get an idea of what the process of changing the color of the back cover looks like:

vivo V23 5G, specifications

The vivo V23 5G does not offer a particularly balanced technical sheet, it is very clear about what it is looking to offer, and it points in that direction , even if it means that other sections fall somewhat below.

For example, the dual selfie camera is at a very high level , above smartphones that cost more than twice as much, and is a clear candidate for the best front camera of 2022. On the other hand, the screen with a 90 Hz refreshment is not surprising when many rivals are already betting on 120 or 144 Hz.

The same goes for its very slim design, which limits the size of the battery . On the other hand, we have 12 GB of RAM , an amount at the level of the most premium smartphones. These are the details of the vivo V23 5G:

  1. Screen : 6.44-inch AMOLED, FHD + (2,400 × 1,080 px) at 90 Hz, with HDR10 +.
  2. Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 920, 8 cores up to 2.5 GHz, manufactured at 6nm.
  3. Memory: 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage.
  4. Rear camera: 64 MP main + 8 MP wide angle + 2 MP macro.
  5. Front camera: 50 MP main + 8 MP wide angle.
  6. Connectivity: 5G, 4G, dual SIM, WiFi 6 (ax), Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC.
  7. Ports and sensors: USB C and fingerprint reader on the screen.
  8. Battery: 4,200 mAh with fast charge at 44 W.
  9. Operating system: Android 12 with Funtouch OS 12 customization.
  10. Dimensions and weight: 157.20 × 72.42 × 7.39 mm (Stardust Black) or 7.55 mm (Sunshine Gold)
  11. Weight: 179 g (Stardust Black) or 181 g (Sunshine Gold).
  12. Price: 499 euros.

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Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Good photography with dual selfie camera

The vivo V23 5G puts an emphasis on photography, most notably the front camera. It is probably the most advanced smartphone at the selfie level of this 2022, not only for image quality, but also for the versatility of the cameras.

We will start with the triple main camera , which reaches a good level, within the usual in the Android mid-range, making the also frequent mistake of including a macro sensor of very little use.

Let’s see the rear camera sensors that are included:

  1. 64 MP : Isocell GW1 main sensor with autofocus, f/1.89 aperture
  2. 8 MP : 120º wide angle, f/2.2 aperture.
  3. 2 MP : macro, aperture f/2.4.

We will take a look at some example photos , first with the 64 MP main sensor that integrates the vivo V23 5G:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

This is the same image taken with the 8 MP wide angle of the vivo V23 5G, which covers more elements, up to 120º:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

We have applied a x2 digital zoom with the main sensor, whose results are adequate:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

The night photography performance of the main camera is quite good:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Regarding the wide-angle sensor in low light , we obtain inferior, but very valid results:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

We also have a 2 MP macro sensor whose quality is very fair , intended for close shots from 4 cm:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Like so many mid-range phones on the market today, the macro of the vivo V23 5G is more useful to talk about a triple camera in the manufacturer’s marketing than to take good photos.

In fact, the same shot with the main sensor is much better at all levels:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

The selfie camera is the most outstanding aspect of the vivo V23 5G, with an advanced 50 MP sensor with autofocus (something unusual on the front) and a wide angle for shots that seek to cover more people or elements of the landscape.

So are the sensors of the selfie camera of the vivo V23 5G:

  1. 50 MP : JVN Isocell 3.0 main sensor with autofocus, f/2 aperture.
  2. 8 MP : 105º wide angle, f/2.28 aperture.

We have a double front LED flash subtly hidden in the upper bezel of the screen (one on each side of the notch), which also allows us to choose between a warmer or colder lighting according to our preferences.

Let’s first see an example selfie with the 50 MP front sensor , which is very well resolved:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

If we jump to the 8 MP front wide-angle camera, it expands the vision up to 112º, something perfect for group photos:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Of course, the quality of the wide angle is somewhat lower, and it applies distortion to the edges, but it is still a very useful extra that hardly any current mobile offers on the front . Not only for group shots, but also in landscape photos or other situations where we want the environment to look good.

We’ve also taken night photos with the selfie camera , and this is where the 50 MP sensor with autofocus shows its potential.

Most of the mobiles, even much more expensive than the vivo V23 5G, cannot take acceptable selfies at night, and in this case we get a good quality photo:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

For its part, night wide-angle selfies are also well resolved, completing a really versatile front camera:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

The selfie camera allows us to apply various effects or filters: from a configurable beauty effect to an improvement in sharpness, or the bokeh that blurs the background to highlight the protagonist.

Let us remember that the vivo V23 5G mounts a double front LED flash , which allows you to choose a colder or warmer tone of light. It will rarely be activated for photos, instead, it will make a difference when recording video, whether for Instagram Stories or another type of video blog.

It is possible to record frontal video at 4K resolution with HDR , and it includes the possibility of capturing at the same time with the front and rear cameras, perfect for showing an event and the reactions it generates.

90Hz AMOLED display

The vivo V23 5G mounts a high-quality screen, a 6.44-inch AMOLED panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate , which supports HDR10+ color. Under the screen there is a fingerprint reader that responds quickly and well , although it is perhaps located too close to the bottom edge.

We liked the image quality , we are facing a clear panel, with vivid colors, deep blacks and good viewing angles.

If we compare the screen of the vivo V23 5G with other rivals in the range of 400 to 500 euros, we will see that some raise the refresh rate to 120 Hz or 144 Hz, but sometimes the fingerprint reader under the screen is dispensed with, so the proposal de vivo remains competitive.

The central notch no longer looks too current, as the trend is to embed the front sensor in a hole. In the vivo V23 5G , a notch is necessary to house the high-quality dual selfie camera , since we are talking about sensors that require more space than a small hole:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

At the sound level, the vivo V23 5G integrates a single speaker on the lower edge , which plays a very worthy role, with a high volume, considerable clarity and acceptable bass for a smartphone.

In addition, the mobile supports Hi-Res Audio at 24-bit/192kHz, however, it does not have a 3.5mm jack. Yes, a USB C to 3.5 mm adapter comes in the box to use the headphones we prefer, and even some simple wired headphones.

Good performance from MediaTek

Although the focus of the vivo V23 5G is on photography and stylish design, on a technical level it offers hardware capable of giving a very fluid experience on a day-to-day basis. The MediaTek Dimensity 920 is an efficient processor that perfectly solves the performance section.

This is the internal hardware of the vivo V23 5G:

  1. MediaTek Dimensity 920 as 8-core processor (2 x Cortex-A78 @ 2.5 GHz + 6 x Cortex-A55 @ 2 GHz), manufactured at 6 nm.
  2. Mali-G68 MC4 as graphics card.
  3. 12 GB of RAM.
  4. 256 GB of storage (not expandable).

We have passed the GeekBench Benchmark performance test, which returns 692 points using one processor core, 2,108 points with all cores, and 2,781 in graphics performance:

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

It is clear that the vivo V23 5G is not a gaming mobile, which does not mean giving up advanced games, since the Dimensity 920 offers enough power to move complex 3D titles smoothly. For example, Fortnite is perfectly playable, just like League of Legends: Wild Rift or Genshin Impact.

Sufficient battery with load at 44 W

The vivo V23 5G mounts a 4,200 mAh battery , a figure not too high, but its slim and stylish design leaves no room for more. In practice, we should not encounter any problems in reaching the full day of use.

For its part, the fast charge of 44 W in 30 min reaches 68%, and manages to get to 100% in just 58 min. It is not one of the fastest on the market, but it does a good job if we consider how thin the vivo V23 5G is.

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Along with the vivo V23 5G comes a considerable number of accessories: the 44W charger, the USB C charging cable, a transparent rubber case , a wired headset and a 3.5mm jack to USB C adapter that allows connect it to the mobile (because it does not have a 3.5 mm jack).

Android 12 under the Funtouch OS 12 layer

At the helm of the vivo V23 5G we have the current Android 12 , something that should be the norm at this point in 2022. However, direct rivals in price and release date such as the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Pro+ 5G still have Android 11, so we must value the effort of vivo with the software.

The vivo V23 5G uses the Funtouch OS 12 customization layer , which is not far from Google’s pure Android on a functional level, but it does quite a lot in terms of aesthetics, and also adds small improvements and extras in many aspects.

In general, it runs smoothly and seems like a good layer to us, although it has too many applications that cannot be uninstalled or disabled . It is excessive to force the buyer to maintain tools of limited utility such as the voice recorder, the notepad, the compass, an access to the live page or even an icon to lock the mobile.

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Funtouch OS 12, like other modern customization layers, allows up to 4GB of storage to be used as virtual RAM when the physical 12GB is full, so background apps don’t have to be closed.

It’s an interesting extra, but it doesn’t add much either. Virtual RAM is similar to the Windows paging file, with much lower performance than physical memory, and the 12 GB of the vivo V23 5G is already a very large number, which will be enough for any task.

On the other hand, Funtouch OS 12 offers many software touches of its own in various places of the system: a mini widget to control music, beauty effect in video calls, quick gestures for certain system functions or the use of the camera flash to notify of new notifications, among others.

The vivo V23 5G includes additional software that will be useful, for example, a security and performance manager , or the already usual game center that takes care of gaming, including a quick bar available during the game.

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio

Great selfie camera on a mobile that does not go unnoticed

The vivo V23 5G is a mobile with character, with a differential approach in a market full of almost clone competitors. A perfect phone for lovers of selfies and design , which stands out for its double front camera and the model that changes color, although we can also opt for a more discreet black finish.

At a price of 499 euros , we are not talking about a smartphone that bets on low cost, but rather on a premium mid-range that is distinguished from the rest of the segment, and whose technical sheet remains competitive.

The new vivo V23 5G is not the most balanced mobile on the market, however, it offers a good level in all sections and shines in those where it focuses . We think it’s a good option if its strengths (selfie camera, design, plenty of RAM, etc.) are the most important things for us in a phone.

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Strengths of the vivo V23 5G in our review

  1. Good photography, especially the selfie camera.
  2. Quality screen with integrated fingerprint sensor.
  3. 12 GB of RAM and powerful processor.
  4. Slim, elegant and very premium design.
  5. Includes the recent Android 12.
  6. The striking Sunshine Gold finish with color change.

Weak points of the vivo V23 5G in our review

  1. Macro camera of very limited utility.
  2. The notch doesn’t look very trendy anymore, although it is necessary for the dual selfie camera.
  3. Excess of non-uninstallable apps.

Our assessment

  1. Layout: 9
  2. Screen: 8
  3. Hardware: 8
  4. Autonomy: 7
  5. Camera: 8
  6. Software: 7
  7. Price: 8
  8. Overall score: 7.9

Imagen - vivo V23 5G, análisis con opinión y precio