Requirements and tips to get your TikTok account verified

Consejos para obtener la verificación de tu cuenta de Tik Tok

TikTok is a social network that has fulfilled and made many people’s dreams come true. Through this social network many have managed to become influencers and be recognized and famous.

This is a social network that allows you to earn money depending on the country you are in. To get verified you have to read this article!

What is TikTok verification and what is it for?

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The TikTok account verifier symbol is very similar to that of other social networks. This indicates that the platform has verified the identity of the account. The symbol is a blue tick next to the account name that can be easily distinguished from unverified ones.

This blue colored symbol is a good way to distinguish yourself from impersonators or fake accounts . It is an emblem that has an extremely important role if you are a very influential person and create content that others like.

In addition, it serves to give you more exposure and get more followers . To get verified on TikTok you must work hard, because it is not as easy as getting verified on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. So pay close attention to the advice I am going to give you.

Unlike other platforms where you can request verification, TikTok decides whether to give you that privilege or not, as the guidelines are exclusively created by the Creator Launch team . Only they can give you that blue colored shield.

Requirements to get TikTok verification

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Now, before giving you the most important tips to follow to verify your account, I want you to know something about the requirements you must meet:

stay active

TikTok won’t verify you if your account is inactive, that’s why you’re better off uploading short videos continuously. Produce content to maintain the interest of your audience and do not let the account remain inactive for more than 6 months .

Do not lie

Do not put false information when filling out your profile. You must be a real person, company or entity. If you fail to do this you will not receive verification. If you have your own email domain as a company or entity, use it to get verification faster.

Complete information

Put a profile photo, fill out the biography and upload a video. It is very important that the account is public .

Shield the security of your account

Your account must have active two-factor authentication and a verified email. This will protect your account from phishing, while also allowing TikTok to confirm who you are.

get noticed

The TikTok verification team will award you the verification badge faster if your name, company or brand appears in multiple media outlets . But not just any medium, it must be a reliable one with a good reputation, because little-known sources are not worth it.

7 important tips to get your TikTok account verified

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To get your account verified you have to follow a series of steps that are extremely easy. Please read carefully!

Post original content

Look for something that makes you different, for example, if you have a recipe account and want to make them known, look for a funny or different way of doing them , they will surely follow you.

Stay focused on your niche

Do not try to fill your account with a lot of variety of content because this can get boring and create chaos. It is important that you can focus on a specific topic so that you can attract the most followers.

By this I mean to tell you to focus on attracting the attention of a specific audience. Following the example from the beginning, attract the public that likes to cook by making recipe videos or you could also talk a little about the nutritional value of the foods you use in your preparations, in this way you will keep the attention of your followers directed. Remember that this content should be brief, but attractive.

Keep in touch with your followers

If you are not a public or recognized figure, the best thing you can do is maintain direct contact with your followers by responding to the comments they make on each of your posts.

You can also comment on other people’s posts and leave comments on videos so you can maintain a direct relationship with them. This will make them feel connected and closer to you, which is a good thing.

Join and collaborate with other creators

A pretty good way to grow your following is by collaborating with other creators . This will allow you to expose yourself to varied audiences.

Collaborating with others helps create rapport within these platforms and will help you come across as trustworthy and well-meaning , and will help your content get off the ground and go viral.

Try to make your content go viral

Getting a video to go viral is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever have to get your account verified on TikTok. Accounts that have been verified have had at least one viral video before receiving this great news.

The TikTok team is likely to have you on their toes to see if you really deserve this blue symbol. Your video must have enough activity and a lot of participation , so you must interact with people.

To achieve a video of this type, do something that attracts attention and that catches people from the beginning. Tell a story or convey an important message. Include trendy songs and try to keep these videos short . The most recommended is 8 to 10 seconds to keep the attention of the viewers.

Respect the rules

Just like other platforms, TikTok has rules and regulations that you must follow and abide by. You accept these once you have registered to open an account or publish something within this application. Failing this, the application has the right to remove the content or suspend you.

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How to request verification on TikTok

Unfortunately, on TikTok you cannot request verification . It is the platform itself that offers you the possibility of being verified if you meet all the requirements and advice that we mentioned before.

Although TikTok quickly became known and used, we do not know how long it will continue with this success. However, we think that it is a fairly interactive platform and that it can be at the top for a long time.

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