Repairing Samsung mobiles will be cheaper with the future program of recycled parts

The latest leak suggests that Samsung wants to improve sustainability through a program of recycled spare parts to repair its mobiles . Being certified by Samsung, their level of quality would be comparable to new parts, but with much cheaper prices.

This project for the Samsung Galaxy is probably a reaction to the unexpected decision that Apple will allow users to repair iPhones and Macs, with the sale of original parts and tools, in addition to the publication of manuals.

Samsung has already used recycled plastic in some of its 2022 mobiles and laptops, but this development would be more ambitious. Recycled replacement parts would cost half as much as the original ones , so repairing a cracked screen would be much cheaper.

Although for now we are only talking about rumors, industry sources expect the presentation in the first half of 2022 , without a more specific date. It will be necessary to see if all the manufacturer’s mobiles will have recycled spare parts for sale, or only specific and recent models.

The origin of the recycled parts is not yet clear, it is possible that they come from mobiles replaced by the guarantee, from those given in exchange for a discount when buying a new model or even from factory surpluses.

Of course, the objective is that the recycled parts have a quality similar to the new ones , something that is logical if we think that it would be an official Samsung repair program.

The brand has already taken measures against planned obsolescence, as Samsung Galaxy mobiles of the highest ranges will receive 4 years of major Android updates , so the software will limit its useful life much less.

Of course, cheap Samsung mobile repairs with recycled parts will be good news for the environment, and also for consumers, especially if it lowers the cost of replacing the always problematic broken screens due to falls and bumps.

Via: BusinessKorea