Prohibited content on Google Drive: what you can't upload to your cloud

contenido que no puedes subir a google drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage service that comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android devices, which makes it one of the most used. Although it only offers 15 GB of free space, it is usually enough to save some important personal documents, photos and videos which is what this application was designed for . However, there are users who use their Google Drive cloud for hacking and sharing illegal content.

Google last year began taking steps to curb users who misuse its cloud, banning everyone from uploading certain types of content that violates its rules . Do you already know what content you cannot save in Google Drive? If you don’t know, you are risking having your account suspended for uploading illegal files. Here’s what you can’t upload to your cloud in Drive.

Everything you can’t upload to Google Drive

Subir archivos a Google Drive para adjuntarlos en Gmail

All Google services that allow you to store things in the cloud , be it Drive, Google One, Workspace, or even Gmail, prohibit you from uploading files related to the following types of content:

  • Child sexual exploitation and abuse .
  • Unauthorized images of minors.
  • Illegal and dangerous activities (including violent non-state organizations and movements).
  • Harassment, bullying and threats.
  • Hate speech or violent and bloody content.
  • Identity theft , misrepresentation, and phishing.
  • Malicious software, malware or virus.
  • Non-consensual explicit images (NCEI).
  • Personal and confidential information about you or others.
  • Regulated products and services (alcohol, gambling, drugs, unapproved supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons, or medical or health devices).
  • Explicit sexual material (for pornographic purposes).
  • Spam (any unwanted content that is uploaded or shared in bulk).
  • Files that interfere with or damage the system .

Here we must make a couple of clarifications, because some of the content mentioned before can actually be uploaded to the Google cloud, but with a certain nuance. Google does allow uploading of sexually explicit, violent or gory content as long as it is in an educational, documentary, scientific or artistic context and the material is not too shocking. Of course, you must provide enough information so that users and Google understand the context.

Prohibited content that you can upload to Google Drive, but not share

Evitar que desconocidos compartan cosas contigo Google Drive

Also, it should be mentioned that you can upload some content that is technically prohibited by Google Drive to your cloud, but under no circumstances share it with other users . We talk about the following:

  • Misleading content (that deceives, misleads or confuses users on any subject).
  • Circumvention of Google policies, this includes:
    • Apps suspended by Google Play .
    • Videos that violate YouTube policies .
  • Copyrighted content (movies, music, games, etc.).

When Google Drive detects that you have uploaded prohibited content to your account, it will automatically block sharing and remove access from all users except you (the owner). Although if what you uploaded is strictly prohibited, they will remove it in one fell swoop.

Since all of this is done by an algorithm, it’s possible that Drive could go wrong and unfairly restrict your files. In that case, you just have to see the email that Google has sent you and follow the steps stipulated there to appeal the decision. Google will review your content again and may release it for public distribution.

In any case, the most worrying thing here is that Google is constantly reviewing what you upload to your cloud, which does not speak very well of the privacy of this service. If this bothers you too, take a look at these 5 applications to save files in the cloud that you did not know.

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