Prevent other people from mentioning you on TikTok by activating this option

Como evitar que te mencionen en TikTok

Tired of your friends or followers mentioning you in other TikTok videos? You do not need to uninstall the app, or close your account, as the video social network added an option with which you can prevent anyone else from mentioning you using your username .

Copying the same function that Instagram has offered for several years, TikTok has realized that its social network was missing one more privacy option. Thanks to the request of millions of users, anyone can avoid being mentioned within TikTok in the blink of an eye.

How to avoid being mentioned on TikTok?

Before we show you the steps you have to carry out, it is important that the app is updated to the latest version . If you have not updated TikTok manually on your mobile, you may not see the option that will allow you to avoid being mentioned in other videos.

Ajustes perfil TikTok

  • First you have to open the TikTok application that you have installed on your mobile device.
  • Once inside the social video network, you will have to enter your Profile (click on the bottom right of the screen).
  • When you are in your TikTok profile, you must click on the three small horizontal stripes that are located at the top right of the screen.

Desactivar menciones en TikTok

  • Enter the section that says “Privacy”.
  • Click on the option that says “Mentions” , which is located within the “Security” category.
  • And finally, you must select the option that says “Nobody”.

Remember that you can reactivate this option whenever you want . Similarly, we recommend that you choose the function in which only your friends can mention you in other videos, as long as you want of course.

With nothing else to add on the subject, in case this option does not appear within the application , you must download TikTok Beta, a version that usually has the latest functions before they reach the “normal” app.