Prevent anyone from replying to your tweets with this trick

como evitar que otros respondan a tus tweets

If you use Twitter frequently, you will know that it is a rather curious network. It can help you get all kinds of opinions in a conversation, but at the same time the comments can turn into a pitched battle .

And it is that Twitter is surely your guilty pleasure, as it happens to us and to millions of other users. Although it’s a fantastic social platform, toxicity and back-and-forth discussions are the order of the day. Luckily, for some time there have been some features that will help you with this kind of thing. How? Learning to disable responses on Twitter , the ultimate weapon to silence malicious responses on your timeline.

Why and when is it worth disabling responses on Twitter?

por qué deshabilitar respuestas twitter

Although it has been possible for a long time to unfollow (mute) conversations you were a part of on Twitter, the truth is that comments remain open in these threads. It is a smoke bomb that many of us throw at some point, but it is not a definitive solution. The reason? Anyone can continue to participate in the conversation and spit venom everywhere , even if you don’t receive notifications of new responses on your mobile.

Taking this into account, Twitter decided some time ago that more drastic functionality was necessary. Which was? The ability to decide who could or could not reply to your tweets . It is not directly an option that disables all responses, but it can be configured as such.

Why is this feature worth using? Simple, because this way you will save yourself a lot of headaches due to ill-intentioned, rude, abusive and other comments. When is it worth doing? At any time, but especially in two situations: when you want to give your point of view on controversial issues or when you want to say something and nobody wants to be smart by refuting it or something similar. Come on, when you don’t want someone else’s opinion, and that on Twitter is super common.

Besides, there is an additional scenario that is less common, but just as useful: to prevent bots and fake accounts from writing to you when you want to tweet about a topic that they may be following. It is especially helpful when you are talking about cryptocurrencies, politics, and financial topics in general.

How to prevent others from replying to your tweets. It’s easier than you think

como desactivar respuestas en twitter

As we mentioned above, Twitter does not have an option that is specifically designed to disable all replies. However, there is one that manages to do it perfectly, that of “Who can answer?”.

This Twitter feature allows you to choose who can reply to a tweet you post , even though everyone can see it. Specifically, it allows you to configure the responses to your post in 3 different ways and one of them is the one that brings you here today.

We will tell you what you must do to deactivate all replies to your tweet and then we will talk about the other two options:

  1. Open the screen to post a tweet to your account (“+” button in the mobile app).
  2. Find and press the button with the globe icon and the phrase “Anyone can reply.” It’s between the text box and the media attachment bar.
  3. This will open the “Who can reply?” submenu, select “Only the people you mention” .
  4. Write the tweet that you want to publish, without mentioning any account in it . This last one is very important.
  5. Post the tweet to your account.

Now that the tweet has been posted, you’ll see that no one will be able to reply to it, even though everyone can see it. The reason is simple and the key is in points 3 and 4 of the previous list: you set the tweet so that only the people mentioned can reply .

However, if you don’t mention anyone, then no one will be able to reply to it. It’s a neat trick, but other users will be able to like your tweet, retweet it, and even quote it (adding an indirect comment along the way).

Now, how do Twitter’s response controls actually work? We explain it to you quickly in the next section.

This is how Twitter’s response controls work

As you probably noticed, Twitter allows you to configure the responses to your post in three different ways:

  • Everyone – Anyone can reply on your post and start a conversation.
  • People you follow – Only people you follow will be able to participate in the conversation.
  • Only the people you mention – The accounts you mention in the tweet will be the only ones that can reply in the conversation.

And as we demonstrated before, this last option can be used in a special way to get a fourth setting: turn off all replies.

Did this tutorial help you what you expected? And tell us, why do you want to disable all replies on your tweets?