Preserve the wine thanks to the benefits of wine cellars

Opening a wine at home and enjoying its aroma and flavor is possible if we manage to keep all its properties. For this, we have wine cellars that we can incorporate into our home and that allow us to keep the wines in the right conditions for their conservation. Do you know the benefits of wine cellars ? Throughout this article we show them to you.

Before starting, it is important to note that wine cabinets are elements that, thanks to the characteristics that they integrate, maintain the properties of the wines . We can buy them in different places such as WAREHOUSE43.

Benefits of wine cellars

Among the benefits of wine cellars, it stands out that it allows us to keep our wine in optimal conditions so that we can enjoy its characteristics. But in addition to this, wine cellars offer us multiple advantages:

  • Temperature . It is one of the most important elements in the conservation of wine. Wine cellars allow us to choose the most suitable temperature and adjust it when necessary.
  • Humidity Among the benefits of wine cellars we find that they provide an adequate humidity environment for the maintenance of the wine. Both the lack of humidity and its excess can cause damage and alter the properties of the wine. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an optimal humidity level. This is generally around 65% and 75%.
  • Light Another benefit of wine cellars is that glass doors have a filter against ultraviolet rays, since exposing the wine to light can cause oxidation.
  • Position Wine cellars offer us to place the bottles in a horizontal position. This way of storing wine gives us its correct conservation, since it is essential that the cork is kept moist. Ideally, the bottles should be horizontal with a small incline of 5%.
  • Aeration Wine cellars offer good air circulation inside. Thanks to this, the appearance of areas with different temperatures that can lead to alterations in the taste and color of the wine is avoided.
  • Vibrations The vibrations can alter the properties of the wine, therefore among the benefits of wine cellars is a system that reduces these vibrations.
Beneficios de las vinotecas en el hogar

Types of wine cellars

When we make the decision to incorporate a wine cellar in our home, we must choose the model and design that we like the most and that suits the decoration of the environment. For this, we have different models to choose from:

Wall-mounted or central wine cabinets

This type of wine cellar is ideal when we have a large space where we want to store a large amount of wine . In addition, the placement of the bottles can give a decorative touch to the room.

Integrated Wine Cooler

Another option we have when choosing a wine cellar is to integrate it into the space we want, for example in our kitchen or living room. An integrable wine cellar brings a touch of luxury to the environment, as it fits perfectly with the decoration, forming part of it. There are different sizes to choose the dimensions that fit our needs.

Tabletop wine cooler

Another option that we can choose is the so-called desktop wine coolers. This style of wine cellar has smaller dimensions and therefore less storage capacity.

Beneficios de las vinotecas de sobremesa

Tips to maintain the benefits of wine cellars

In order for our wine cellar to function properly and maintain its characteristics, we must pay attention to the maintenance recommendations. Generally, the care of wine cellars consists of:

  • Fan maintenance . It is important to keep the fan clean and remove any accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Cleaning To keep our wine cellar clean it is advisable to use a dry cloth and avoid chemical products.
  • Carbon filter . It is important to check and change the filter when necessary, as a poor filter condition can cause odors, variations in temperature and humidity, and performance problems.
  • Temperature and humidity levels . It is advisable to regularly review these levels, as they are crucial for the proper conservation of our wine.