Premieres Netflix May 2022: Love, Death + Robots, Stranger Things and more

Netflix is not going through its best moment, the rumors are confirmed and since Netflix has decided that it will raise the price of shared accounts, it is making many enemies. This may change with the arrival of the premieres for May 2022 with Stranger Things and much more.

Other of the most anticipated premieres, apart from the fourth season of Stranger Things , is season three of Love, Death + Robots , the animated anthology series that criticizes aspects of real life in each chapter and the arrival of the film Halloween.

Next, all the premieres and news that we can enjoy on Netflix during the month of May, because as we have already said above, this month is a great month for the platform that arrives loaded with horror movies and a new season of his best series.

Series that you can watch on Netflix in May 2022

Let’s see all the new series that we can see on Netflix throughout 2021. This month we have a total of 29 series to enjoy:

  1. May 1: Arpo (Premiere).
  2. May 2: The Octonauts on dry land (T2).
  3. May 4: Nuclear accident (Miniseries), The Circle: USA (T4), The marginal (T5) and Three meters above the sky: The series (T3).

  1. May 5: Little Savages (Premiere), Clark (Premiere), The Pentavirato (Premiere) and Blood Sisters (Premiere).
  2. May 6: Welcome to Eden (Premiere) and The Sound of Magic (Premiere).
  3. May 10: Working mothers (T6).
  4. May 11: Brotherhood (T2) and 42 days in the dark (Premiere).
  5. May 12: Maverix (Premiere) and Wild Beauty (Premiere).
  6. May 13: The Life and Films of Ersan Kuneri (Premiere), The Empire of Ostentation (T2), Lincoln’s Lawyer (Premiere) and New Goals (Premiere).
  7. May 16: A vampire in the garden (Premiere).
  8. May 17: The diary of the future (T2).
  9. May 18: Who Killed Sara? (T3).

  1. May 19: Insiders (T2).
  2. May 20: Love, Death + Robots (Vol. 3).
  3. May 21: Our blue horizon (New episode).
  4. May 23: Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 (T3).
  5. May 27: Stranger Things (T4).

Netflix movies and documentaries that you can watch in May 2022

Next, we will see all the movies that we can enjoy with Netflix and, in addition, we also bring you some new documentaries so that you can change the subject:

  1. May 1: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (Documentary) | Bill and Ted save the universe | Brokeback Mountain | In the name of the father | The Sun Is also a Star.
  2. May 3: Hold Your Breath – Dive Under the Ice (Documentary) | We married? Yes, my love | Showtime.
  3. May 6: Forties | Let yourself go | Thar | incompatible 2.

  1. May 7: Wood Industry – A Business Against Nature | reflections | Leaving Africa | Själö – Island of Souls | You Will Not Have My Hate | I’m in Love with My Car | Elon Musk – The Real Life Iron Man | Haunting at the Rectory | The Amityville Theater | Bunker Project 12 | Robert | Show Dancer | Conjuring the Dead | Theater of Fear aka Midnight Horror Show | The Last House on Cemetery Lane.
  2. May 8: Laia | Christina P – Mom Genes.
  3. May 9: Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare | captive nation.
  4. May 11: The Master of Fugues | Our father.
  5. May 13: Return to the institute.

  1. May 14: Curse of the Witching Tree | The time of the monsters | Bellezonism | Anne by day
  2. May 16: Halloween | TheGame.
  3. May 18: In Tuscany | cyber hell The investigation that uncovered the horror (Documentary).
  4. May 19: Such for which | The photographer and the postman (The crime of Cabezas).
  5. May 20: The perfect family | Jackass 4.5.

This is all the content that we will be able to see during the month of May on Netflix , this month, as we have already seen, comes loaded with great movies , many of them horror and several documentaries that investigate the depth of extortion through the network.