PIN key: configure the app on your Android to carry out procedures with the Treasury or Social Security

Configurar app Clave PIN

Carrying out procedures in the different administrations was an arduous task and even an ordeal. That was before, because now with smartphones the whole process is much easier. There is no paperwork or the obligation to go to an office. This is what the PIN code app has to do with, which can be obtained for free and on any device.

It is a less popular tool, but just as useful as the digital certificate and other electronic identification systems. We are going to explain what the PIN Key is, how you can use it and how to configure the application on your Android.

What is the PIN code and what is it for?

As we have commented previously, it is a system to identify yourself electronically in the different public administrations . Thus, the institutions confirm that users access their website consciously and that third parties do not do so without consent.

Basically, this identification system consists of obtaining a verification code that reaches the mobile device and that you must fill in wherever necessary. This can be used for different procedures, such as the declaration of Income in the Treasury , job applications, procedures with Social Security, change of address, signing digital documents, etc.

You can also check all your tax data and access other applications from official Spanish institutions. One of them can be that of the Tax Agency, the electronic headquarters of your university and other official platforms.

Use the PIN Code to access the miDGT app

Another of the most interesting utilities that this system has for you is access to the mobile application of the General Directorate of Traffic . It is necessary to be able to log in, but it is worth it because that way you can enjoy juicy advantages. Among them, you can consult traffic data and your own driver profile, where your driving license points appear and the possible fines that you have in your history.

In addition, it is an application that already allows you to carry your DNI or driving license in digital format in a regulatory manner. Therefore, if you lose your physical card or forget it, you will have no problem identifying yourself with the authorities if you have the miDGT application installed on your mobile.

mi DGT

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Registration and activation of the PIN code

This is not the first time that Androidphoria has dealt with the PIN code registration process. However, it does not hurt to refresh your memory and slightly remember the process. The truth is that there are several options to register on this platform, although there are more and less complex ones.

clave pin utilidades

To summarize it in a few words, you can do it at a Registry Office , by appointment and in person; through the digital certificate, which will arrive at your address through a letter or a CSV file.

But the last option is the simplest of all, since you will only need your precious Android. The registration requirements are very simple.

  • You just have to have the digital certificate, or the electronic DNI , which is a more common and universal system.
  • With this identification already in your possession, you only have to access the Tax Agency website and access the section “Register in Cl@ve with an electronic certificate or DNI”.

Normally, the platform will request what is called a contrast data, such as the validity or expiration date of the DNI , as well as registering your email and telephone number.

  • Once you have all the data completed, you can access the PIN Code application and enter with your ID and a password.

This password comes in the form of an activation code, which arrives via SMS to your mobile phone . You write it in the application and when you access it, it will show you the PIN that will help you to carry out any of the procedures that we have been mentioning throughout the article, without the need to go to the relevant offices and without so many sheets of paper involved.

Try that, when you do it, you are focused on that task, since the code is only valid for 10 minutes . Otherwise, that key expires and you have to repeat the process. Keep in mind that by doing it once, the application will automatically generate the PIN every time you enter the application.

Differences between PIN Code and Permanent Code

This PIN Key differs from the Permanent Key , which does not need a mobile application and is a password that the user personalizes for continuous use. Therefore, a series of digits are not generated randomly each time you access the public service.

Of course, in this case there are not so many facilities, since this is managed through the Tax Agency website and you have to go through a short interview with a Treasury agent to verify the data. It is safe and permanent, although it is not such a simple process if you want to do some sporadic procedure.

How to configure the PIN Key app on Android

Setting up the PIN Key app on Android is very easy. In other words, you won’t have to do anything, but when you register it will already be configured to receive PIN codes every time you request them from other services. Of course, you can do a lot of things in this app in addition to receiving those codes.

The PIN Code interface not only shows several digits to process in the administrations, but also has many more options. The application has been receiving updates over time , adding more functions to be able to perform.

Configurar app Clave PIN en Android

In this way, every time you have to resort to this application, you can carry out different options that were impossible a while ago. Apart from the obvious options such as help or support, it is now possible to carry out some procedures such as regenerating the activation code , modifying the phone number, obtaining a higher security level or revoking the certificate in the application.

In addition, they have added some functions to improve the user experience, such as the possibility of changing the language, configuring notifications to receive notifications on the mobile or unlinking the device from the application if you are going to change to another terminal, purely for a security measure. . And please, the information that is handled in this application is personal and non-transferable, so do not share it with third parties.

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