Payment Telegram is a reality: this will be the Premium Subscription Plan

More and more services are going from a free modality to a paid one under subscription. The latest to take the plunge seems to be Telegram , the popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp’s main competitor already has a Premium Plan in its app ready to be launched. The latest beta version reveals this option and launches the paid Telegram that has been rumored for so long. We tell you everything you need to know!

Telegram will include a Premium Plan, but it will not be mandatory

Telegram en movil android

After many years of rumours, it seems that the creator of the app has taken the plunge. Telegram’s latest beta reveals an option to subscribe to its Premium Plan . They are not rumors or leaks, but a section that is already in the app waiting to be officially announced.

Until now Telegram has been free for all users on the planet. All of its features have been made available to everyone, something that could soon change. Subscription services add details or features only for paying users , just what Telegram intends to do.

What advantages will paying the Telegram Premium Plan have?

At the moment prices or advantages are unknown, but there are already several theories. Most likely, this payment, probably monthly, includes exclusive stickers and certain features. At the moment it is only known that the payment by Telegram is there, but not what it will include.

Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, is closely related to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs , so it is possible that there is some relationship between this Premium Payment Plan and these two assets.

If you use Telegram you should know that important changes are coming in the coming months or even weeks. Some of the current features you use for free may become paid for very soon. What do you think? Will you get paid Telegram ?