OxygenOS 12 still has a lot of problems and bugs on the OnePlus 9

OxygenOS 12 tiene problemas OnePlus 9

Do you want to update your OnePlus to OxygenOS with Android 12? If so, we have some bad news for you today. OxygenOS 12 has a lot of problems on the OnePlus 9 . Thousands of users have complained about bugs in the latest version of the brand’s OS.

But what bugs does OxygenOS 12 have? What is the solution to the problems? What has OnePlus said on this topic? Stay on the web and discover the answers to these questions .

All the problems that OxygenOS 12 has in the OnePlus 9

Novedades problemas OxygenOS 12 Android 12 OnePlus

The brand recently announced the release of the latest stable version of its OS . The first mobiles that can update via OTA are the OnePlus 9. OxygenOS 12 has many new functions, such as:

  • A redesign of the app icons.
  • More customization in Dark Mode .
  • And, of course, all the new features of Android 12 are added.

Now, the “joy” of upgrading to OxygenOS 12 was short-lived. And it is that people with a OnePlus 9 saw how the bugs that OxygenOS based on Android 12 began to appear on their mobiles.

Users worldwide have been upset over the bugs. And it is not for less, because some bugs are so serious that they do not let you use your mobile .

Lista errores bugs problemas OxygenOS 12 OnePlus 9 y 9 Pro

Next you will see a list with all the problems of OxygenOS 12 in the OnePlus 9 :

  • App icons look bad .
  • The mobile loses customization options .
  • Animations look slow .
  • The volume up and down buttons sometimes stop working properly.
  • Cannot make or receive calls .
  • Gmail notifications are not being received . This seems to be fixed if you disable battery optimization and the “RAM Boost” feature.
  • Wi-Fi connection is too slow.
  • 5G SIM cards also work with lag or the mobile does not recognize them. You can correct this by resetting the APN settings . To do this, go to the Settings app> Menu “WiFi and Mobile networks”> “SIM card”> “Access point names”.
  • Google Feed cannot be disabled.
  • The OS does not allow the user to close the apps in the background .
  • The application to record calls does not appear .

How to fix OxygenOS 12 errors on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

Cómo solucionar errores OxygenOS 12 OnePlus 9

The brand has not said anything about the flaws that OxygenOS has. In turn, there is no definitive solution to all problems .

For now, most errors are fixed if you factory reset your OnePlus . Before resetting your mobile, remember that you must make a backup.

Another way to put an end to the bugs is to go back from Android 12 to Android 11. Of course, this process is very messy and can cause your OnePlus to be damaged if you do not follow the steps to do the downgrade to the letter.

All the problems that the OnePlus OS has had shows that OxygenOS is dead, even if it retains the name. It seems that these errors are more common due to the merger of Color OS with OxygenOS. That is why so many fans of the brand do not like that OnePlus was integrated into OPPO.

UPDATE : the problem is so serious that OnePlus has suspended the update of the OnePlus 9 to Android 12 for now.

In any case, what do you think of this topic? Did you manage to fix OxygenOS errors with Android 12 on your OnePlus? Tell us in the comments.