Over 18 million Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

Many people are passionate about consoles. They love to escape from the routine by entering a multitude of different environments and becoming the protagonists of various stories . Thus, they have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline that is supposed to face the bad guys and save the planet even in a fictional world. This has been demonstrated with the more than 18 million subscriptions on Xbox Game Pas s. Do you want to know more about this data? We will tell you everything throughout this article.

Record Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

Without a doubt, we can talk about a record of subscriptions in Xbox Game Pass . It is a service very similar to Netflix. Now, in this case, users have the opportunity to enjoy various third-party titles and releases from Xbox Games Studios for a monthly fee . In a short time, three million people have subscribed to it.

suscripciones en Xbox Game Pass

It is not the only Xbox service enjoying great success, as Xbox Live is also in very good health. So much so that it has one hundred million monthly active users . In this way, it is shown that the company is gaining console share, since there are many players who are betting on the value of its broader ecosystem. One of the reasons is that, according to those responsible, they are knowing how to adapt to the new times and that fans of this type of device are enjoying the new way of displaying and distributing games . What’s more, in the coming months it will be possible to be part of a multitude of adventures through iOS and Windows PC.

Company earnings

Taking into account the above data, Microsoft has been able to see how the revenue within its More Personal Computing division, which includes Xbox, has increased to five billion dollars . The company has recognized that this improvement has been given, above all, by its own titles. Also for third-party sales and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Specifically, third-party titles have earned more than two billion in revenue.

Likewise, he has not wanted to ignore that the launch of both Xbos Series X and Xbox Series S has been the most successful of the company since its birth. Especially if the devices sold in a month of launch are taken into account.

Thus, for all those who love to play consoles and bet on a wide variety of games, this can be a great opportunity for them . They will always have a multitude of options depending on what they feel like each day. For example, more or less action, more or less strategy or more or less difficulty in the plot. Today, technology has come a long way. Thus, more and more choices are available to us when it comes to having fun and companies provide them to us through their services.