Organize your 2022 with these apps to create a calendar

Las 10 mejores aplicaciones para crear un calendario de 2022

2022 has already begun and it is important that you stay organized so that you do not miss anything this year. What is the best way to do this? Well, designing your own calendar.

Don’t spend money buying a paper calendar, since on your mobile you can download a wide variety of apps that allow you to create your own calendar . Therefore, here we bring you the ten best calendar applications that you can find on Google Play.

Top 10 apps to create a 2022 calendar

It is surprising how many calendar apps you can find in the Google Play Store. And although all mobiles come with a pre-installed calendar application, here are 10 calendars for Android that will surprise you with their incredible designs and functions .

Tweek, a minimalist calendar to schedule your tasks

One of the best calendars you can have on your mobile is Tweek. And we do not only say this because of its beautiful minimalist design, but also because of the large number of functions that this application offers. This calendar will allow you to schedule all your personal tasks and even write down shared tasks, since you can use it with other people in its online mode.

In addition, the app is structured like a calendar by weeks , which is much more practical and less stressful than viewing all the things you have to do in the month. It is also a highly customizable calendar thanks to its wide variety of bookmarks and themes.

aCalendar, to have the entire 2022 calendar on screen

aCalendar para tener todo el calendario del 2022 en pantalla

This is one of the quintessential calendar apps for Android. And the most distinctive thing about it is that it allows you to see the calendar of all the months of the year on the screen , although you can also configure it to see only the month or week of the year in which you are.

It has many useful functions such as reminders, notifications, and alerts about special events such as moon phases or holidays . It is also compatible with the Google calendar so you can synchronize it with this app from the great G.

Business calendar, the ideal for work

Calendario Business el ideal para el trabajo

Is your 2022 going to be a busy year? Well, this is the calendar that you must have on your smartphone. Although it has a somewhat complex design, this app has an innumerable number of functions that will allow you to stay quite organized.

It has up to six different views that range from a calendar to organize your daily tasks to one to see your entire year. Also, it syncs with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook . It even brings 7 exclusive widgets so you can keep the calendar on the main screen of your mobile.

Calendar Notify, an app that will keep you informed at all times

Calendar Notify is an application that stands out because it strives to prevent you from forgetting to perform a task or neglecting an important date of the year. To achieve this, the app sends notifications to both the task bar of your mobile and the lock screen . Regarding personalization, it is a very complete app that will offer you many styles and colors of calendars.

DigiCal, the calendar with dark mode

DigiCal el calendario con modo oscuro

Are you a user of dark mode on your mobile? Don’t you like apps with white backgrounds? Well, don’t worry, fortunately you can download DigiCal on your mobile, a calendar that has a dark mode . But this is not the only feature to highlight of this app, it also has many elegant themes to choose from, seven different views and 6 fantastic original widgets with which you will not miss any important date in 2022.

Calendario DigiCal

Price: Free

ZenDay, a calendar with a different design

Before describing this calendar we warn you that it is not for everyone. And this is because ZenDay has a design that you have never seen in other calendars. It is a calendar where the days float and move in 3D in the purest style of the opening credits of Star Wars. This dynamic view may be unappealing to some users, but if you want to try something different, ZenDay is sure to surprise you.

LockScreen Calendar, the calendar that makes it easy for you

If you are one of those people who hardly ever uses the mobile calendar app, but you need to get organized, LockScreen Calendar is for you. And it is that since you install this app it will request your permission to be displayed on the lock screen. When you grant it, LockScreen Calendar will be displayed on that screen to notify you of pending tasks or events. This way, you won’t have to constantly open the app to check your calendar .

Android Calendar Organizer, a basic but complete app

So far we’ve only brought you calendar apps with a ton of features. But if what you are looking for is something more basic and simple , then you have to download this calendar to your mobile. It is an application that is synchronized with the Google calendar and that allows you to schedule all the important dates of the year that you do not want to forget. In addition, you can organize your tasks in a simple way and its main attraction is that it is very easy to use.

Rememberton, the Kawaii calendar

Rememberton calendario Kawaii

For lovers of Japanese Kawaii style , here we bring a calendar app that you are sure to love. We are talking about Rememberton, a very colorful calendar that has many functions. With it you can create reminders, add events and configure tasks. And in all these functions you will be accompanied by the funniest stickers with the unmistakable Kawaii style.

Spanish Calendar, an app so you don’t miss a holiday

Calendario Espanol una app para no perderte ningun dia festivo

Finally, we bring you a calendar that all Spaniards should have installed on their mobiles. This application brings programmed all the festive dates that are celebrated in the Spanish calendar . In this way, once you have it, you will no longer forget Mother’s Day or any other important date of the year.

Did you like these apps to organize your own 2022 calendar? Tell us below which of these applications you will take with you.