Organize Your Keywords in Keyword Groups

Organize Keywords in Keyword GroupsIf you are managing a lot of keywords like me, you may understand how to organize these keywords in a good order is so important in improving the efficiency. This is exactly why the idea hit me that I need to organize these keywords in keyword groups just like what Google Adwords does.

We may have some major keywords for our website but we cannot afford neglecting those long tail keywords based on these major keywords. Take keyword “rank checker” for example, we can develop many long tail keywords based on “rank checker”, such as “free rank checker”, “keyword rank checker”, “website rank checker” etc. These keywords are also needed to be considered in our SEO process and they really can bring targeted traffic.

Now in CuteRank we can organized related keywords in keyword group and it really helps us to get a better view of how some related keywords are ranking in search engines. Take a look at the sreenshot on the left you will understand the beauty of keyword groups.

Hope you like the addition. Feel free to make any comments under, thanks!

CuteRank Team

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