Now you can update your BMW maps for free, for a limited time!

BMW Service actualiza el navegador de tu coche gratis

BMW is one of the manufacturers that is betting the most on the modernization of its cars so as not to lag behind Elon Musk and his Tesla. For example, a button: BMWs can already be opened with Pixel and Samsung mobiles through the Android Car Key function, being the first cars (and only so far) that can enjoy this feature.

Now, it is useless to have so many functions if the most useful of all is not up to date. If you have a BMW whose integrated navigation system has never been updated, you have a big problem. But here we bring you the solution. And it is that BMW Service is offering a free update of the maps for a limited time . Right away we will tell you all the details of this promo.

How to update your BMW navigation system for free

actualizar mapa bmw gratis

Updating the maps of your BMW you will be able to see all the new roads and you will stop finding roads under construction. Thus, you will avoid having a bad time and you will reach your destination faster thanks to the new roads that would not previously appear in the car’s navigation system. The point is that updating BMW maps is a paid service and that’s why many people don’t.

However, BMW Service has launched a promotion valid from 12/01/2021 to 02/28/2022 with which they give you an update to your car’s integrated navigation system. You just have to take your BMW to one of the Authorized BMW Workshops and there they will update the maps without charging you the € 100 that this service is normally worth.

The conditions of this promotion are as follows:

  • Your car must have the Business or Professional Navigation System (606/609 / 6UM) installed at the factory.
  • They can only update your car if it supports software update via USB (updates via CD / DVD are excluded).
  • You must make an online appointment before taking it to update.
  • This promo is limited to a number of units per day depending on the capacity of the workshop.

And that’s it! If you do not have any problem with these conditions, go to request your appointment by clicking the link that we leave here below. There you will also be able to see all the information on the promo and find the nearest BMW Authorized Workshop. Luck!

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