Netflix finally allows you to remove "Continue Watching"

Netflix is updating to implement the option to delete content from the “continue watching” section , so that this list of series and movies can be constantly updated by the user himself, being able to remove content from there whenever he wants.

In this section all the movies and series that you have been able to watch through Netflix appear, regardless of whether you had seen them in full or not, so it could be an interesting section for the user to know what they have finished watching.

At first it can be useful, but over time you can start to see some repeated series and movies there and that can become somewhat annoying, so Netflix thought it was a good idea to give the user the possibility of being able to modify that list.

In this way, said list can be constantly updated by the user himself and he will be the one who will decide what content he wants to appear there and what not, because until now there was no option to delete everything that appeared in that list.

To prevent some series and movies from continuing to appear in the “continue watching” section of Netflix, you must do the following:

  1. Go to Netflix and enter the series that you do not want to continue appearing in the “continue watching” list.
  2. Now choose the “remove from continue viewing” option .

Imagen - Cómo eliminar de "Seguir viendo" en Netflix

In this way, that series that you have already seen once or several times will not be seen again automatically, only when you choose it. You can do this with all the movies and series you want, although it is an action that you can undo by following the same steps indicated.

The possibility of removing content from “continue watching” on Netflix can be done from the mobile app of the streaming platform, also from the browser and even through the app available for televisions, and if the option still does not appear, you should not worry , you will see it shortly and in the case of mobile apps, it is best to update Netflix.