Motion Cam: the Android app to record RAW videos like a pro

motion cam grabar raw android

The evolution of mobile cameras, in many cases, has focused more on the quality of the photographs and not so much on the videos. This is about to change thanks to Motion Cam, an open source application for Android with which you can record videos like a professional, if you know how to take advantage of its potential.

Motion Cam has achieved incredible results, despite being still in development, which is why you should give it a try. This app records RAW videos, which gives you more flexibility in the post-editing of the videos to achieve quite good results. And if you don’t know what RAW videos are, don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you here.

What are RAW videos and how do they work?

Motion Cam allows you to record 10-Bit movies in CinemaDNG RAW format. In most mobile photos and videos, what we see are files that have already been processed and compressed. Instead, files in RAW format collect all the information that the camera sensor captures . This information can then be used to the maximum in post-editing to achieve better photos and videos without losing quality.

RAW videos save the entire burst of images and the information captured in each of them, instead of a single file as in conventional video formats. This means that in addition to editing the video you can individually extract and edit images obtained in the recording.

Advantages of RAW Videos with Motion Cam

  • You can choose old images from the videos you have recorded and edit them.
  • Many video editing options , after you have recorded it. Including white balance, hue, sharpness, and more.
  • It includes an advanced algorithm capable of merging two images to reduce noise in videos.
  • Manual shutter and ISO control .

To get more out of this format with Motion Cam you can record RAW videos and then pass them to video editors that support the CinemaDNG RAW format. In addition, as the app continues to receive updates, it will improve and include more functions.

Download Motion Cam on your mobile

motion cam grabar videos raw android descargar gratis

Motion Cam is available on Google Play. However, not all Android users will be able to use it . This app requires a medium / high-end mobile with enough processing power to function properly.

Even so, if you are interested you can download it, but keep in mind that it may not work as it should. And despite the fact that the Motion Cam developers do not specify what would be the minimum requirements to use the application, they do mention that the mobile must support the Camera2 API.

Motion Cam

Price: Free

What you should also know is that RAW files take up more space, so you should have several Gigabits available if you plan to record a lot of videos with this app. Making this clear, if you think you meet the requirements, do not hesitate to download Motion Cam on your mobile. And once you do, share your experience with us .